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Review - Buff Laki Stripes Turquoise Hat

I received this product free of charge for the purpose of an unbiased review.

Buff Laki Stripes Turquoise Hat

Product Description 

  • Knitted hat with an inner full fleece lining with Polartec® Classic 100 (Polar band and lightweight with high thermal insulation).
    Ideal for use when it is cold.

    100% Acrylic
    100% Polyester



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5 stars 


I have alopecia totalis which means I have no hair at all on my scalp, I’ve also lost my eyebrows and eyelashes. I don’t get on with wigs, I find them very uncomfortable, so instead I wear headscarves, bandanas or hats. As the weather is getting colder I’ve swapped my summer bandanas for winter hats, but I haven’t had much luck finding a good quality warm hat. They are either too itchy, not as warm as they look or too light and loose so that they are in danger of blowing off of my head on a windy day. Last winter I bought so many hats, but wasn’t happy with any of them. So I was excited to try a knitted hat from Buffwear, a company that make a wide range of hats and other headwear.

The Buff Laki Stripes Hat is a knitted hat with bright stripes in various shades of blue. As soon as I opened the packaging I could tell that the hat was of really high quality. It is closely knitted in a very soft wool. There are no loose threads, and even after wearing it lots of times the wool hasn’t gone ‘fuzzy’ - it still looks as good as it did on day one.

Inside the hat is a wonderfully soft fleece lining. This is what makes the Buff hat a winner for me as it feels great against the sensitive skin on my scalp. Since developing alopecia my scalp has become very sensitive and the material of some hats, especially knitted ones, are very irritating and itchy - this hat is so comfortable you forget you’re wearing it. It feels nice and closely on my head and feels very secure and I don’t worry it’s going to blow away (which has happened with another woolly hat as we live on the coast and it gets very windy here).

The fleece lining has a high thermal insulation so it’s perfect to wear in cold winter weather. As I’ve not got any hair, my head obviously gets very cold but the Buff Laki Stripes Hat has kept me lovely and warm, even on very chilly, windy days. I often put a fleece cap on under my other knitted hats as they seem to let in the cold wind, but I haven’t needed to do that with this hat because it’s lined and the wool and fabric are top quality.

Buff hats cost a little more than I’d usually pay, but now I’ve tried this one I can see why. In my opinion Buff hats are well worth the price. Their products are not only superb quality but they also look great. I love how my new hat looks and I wear it all the time while I’m out walking the dogs. 

There is a wide range of winter hats available from Buff and I plan on investing in a different style soon. I highly recommend the Buff Laki Stripes Hat, and Buff products in general - five stars.

Review - Macigdo 35 pcs Pencil Drawing Art Set

Disclosure - I bought this product at a discounted rate for the purpose of an unbiased review.

Magicdo 35 pcs Pencil Drawing Set

Product Description 

  • 35-IN-1 ART KIT - 35 Pieces excellent quality sketching pencils set includes 14 sketch pencils (8B,7B,5B,4B,3B,2B,B,HB,H,2H,3H,4H,5H 6H), 1 graphite pencil 6B, 2 sharpener(black and metal double hole), 1 metal knife, 1 Sandpaper pencil pointer , 1 Dual end pencil extender, 2 eraser(rubber and kneadable), 3 Charcoal pencils(soft, medium, hard), 3 Graphite sticks(soft, medium, hard), 3 Carbon rod, 3 Blending paper stumps and 1 Zipper case
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Sketching pencil kit made from professional charcoal and graphite, highest quality keep all the premium art graphite sketching pencil tools from shattering and snaping when sharpen them or use them. This professional art pencils are great to meet your request to create your own masterpiece. Different sizes of pencils graphite are different hardness, 8B are softest and 6H are hardest.
  • NON-TOXIC AND SAFE - Magicdo graphite pencil set is non-toxic and safe, all are made from eco-friendly material, safety and acid-free. It is no need to worry that your kids or little students use the pencils to drawing and you can breath comfortable when doing any fashion sketching.
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY CASE - This drawing pencils set is equipped with a nice zipper case. All the pieces of drawing supplies for artists are well organized in a nice zipper case to carry anywhere. Comes with a zipper case for easy store, use charcoal drawing set anywhere as you desired.It will be the great art supplies for sketching or drawing.
  • WIDELY USED - Best pencils kit for pencil drawing, pencil sketching and writing, suitable for students, teachers, or anyone who is fond of drawing to use in different occasions. Great artists drawing aid for whoever loves drawing or sketching, professional or beginners. Never too late to build a new hobby and get a new skill with this art set.


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5 stars 


This is a great set of artist pencils, charcoal and graphite sticks.

I am particularly impressed with the range of pencils in this set. Its a brilliant selection of harder pencils through to soft which is perfect for artists or anyone learning to draw like me. I got into art through my school lessons and never believed I could draw but over time I am improving and becoming more confident. With this set it enables me to contrast my shading much better which improves

Charcoal and Graphite are not something I have used much. I have always been quite nervous about using them but this set has encouraged me to give it a better try. I am looking forward to getting to grips with this.

This set is suitable for artists as well as teenagers and adults who are learning to draw. Its compact in a zipped case containing 35 items.  For the money I feel with the range of items its good value and would make a lovely gift.

Products include:

14- Drawing pencils: 8B,7B,5B,4B,3B,2B,B,HB,H,2H,3H,4H,5H 6H
1 - Graphite pencil 6B
1 - Black sharpener ( used for Charcoal pencils )
1 - Metal double hole sharpener ( used for graphite pencils )
1 - Metal knife
1 - Sandpaper pencil pointer
1 - Dual head pencil extender
1 - Rubber eraser
1 - Kneaded eraser
3 - Charcoal pencils, soft, medium, hard
3 - Graphite sticks, soft, medium, hard
3 - Charcoal rod
3 - Blending paper stumps
1 - Zipper case

Rating 5 stars

Review - TOFAR Eyeshadow Make Up Palette

TOFAR Eyeshadow Palette 

Product Description 

  • TOFAR 15 Colors Makeup Eyeshadow Palettes are made from a natural mineral oil base and are smudge resistant, long lasting. Highly pigmented. Silky to the touch and stay in place well.
  • Neutral Color Palette Kit. No dye and will not form annoying mark. Glossy colors and high quality ingredients together to care skin and can last for all day long.
  • Wonderful colors for your selection. Enabling layering and mixing, provides total camouflage for almost any skin problem including blemishes, scars, birthmarks and black circles. High Quality, buy with confidence!
  • Rich and leading-the-trend colors. Colors range from white/cream colors for highlight to dark colors ideal for smoky eyes, metallic silty texture, shimmering, lustrous pearls provide an intense, exquisite and smooth, easy to apply.
  • Perfect for party makeup / casual makeup / wedding makeup etc. The TOFAR 15 Colors Eye Shadow Make Up Palette will help you attracting more people in the party or other occasions.


4 stars 


This eyeshadow palette is available in two different colours - a bright glittery set, and a neutral set. We chose the palette with the neutral colours. This set contains 15 colours ranging from cream to beige, brown, pink, plum, grey and red. Most of the colours are quite natural and I’ll use most of them, but the red is a bit too bright for me. So overall it has a good selection of colours in a small case.

To give you an idea of the size of this palette, it will fit easily in the palm of your hand. It’s a good size to keep in your make up bag or handbag.

The eyeshadow applies well without making a mess. The only downside is that this palette doesn’t contain an applicator. I’m quite happy with this product and have given it four stars.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Happy Halloween!

Elgin with a fantastic carved pumpkin 

Happy Halloween! 

I hope you’re all having a fantastic Halloween and are enjoying your treats. Remember to keep the chocolate treats away from your pets. Have fun!

My sleepy little devil Cherry 

Elgin with another amazing carved pumpkin.

Dogs needing new homes during National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month

We are at the end of October, so that means we are also at the end of National Adopt a Shelter Dog Month so I thought I’d share a few more rescue dogs that are looking for new homes. These are all from UK based rescue centres, and they all deserve a second chance.

If you are looking for a new dog please consider adopting one from a rescue centre rather than buying a puppy, there are so many dogs that need new homes. Rescue centres often have puppies that need homes too, it’s not all adult dogs or ‘problem’ dogs. It’s so rewarding getting a rescue dog. It can be difficult at times, but training a puppy can also be hard work. Right that’s the end of the lecture, here are some adorable dogs for you to look at!


Breed - Beagle 

Age - 4

Rescue - Many Tears Animal Rescue

Location - Carmarthenshire, Wales 

More information -

Sophie is a lovely 4 year old beagle.  Although she is an ex-breeding girl Sophie has been living in a house, walks on the lead and we believe she is house trained.  She has happilly lived with young children and other dogs and if you want to adopt her and have a cat we can test her to see how she reacts but we are told she is good with everything.  Sohpie could live with other dogs or in the right circumstances be an only dog.


Breed - Lurcher

Age - 3

Rescue - Jerry Green Dog Rescue

Location - East Yorkshire 

More information - 

Simon, he's a very sweet friendly boy who is looking for a loving forever family where he wont be left for long periods on his own

Simon loves nothing more than a cuddle with all the team here and hanging out with his friends, he could live with another dog and children 7+ years of age. 

Website link -


Breed - crossbreed

Age - 5 to 7 years

Rescue - Dogs Trust

Location - Manchester 

More information -

Beautiful Bandit is a 6 year old crossbreed who has bundles of love to share with all of his human friends. This lovable, affectionate boy enjoys learning new tricks, playing with his toys and going on exciting new adventures.
Bandit is suitable to live with children aged 11 and over and would like to be the only dog in the home. His new family should continue his dog socialisation to help him gain some doggy pals in the future. Bandit isn't a fan of those pesky cats so a home with minimal cats in the neighbourhood would be ideal. His active and playful nature would be best suited to a home with a medium, secure garden where he can play to his hearts content! High fences are essential for this true explorer!

Website link -


Breed - Alaskan Malamute 

Age - 4

Rescue - Blue Cross

Location - Hertfordshire 

More information -

Helll’OOOOO’ there! My names Ice and I’m a fun-loving malamute lady. Maybe you’ve owned my breed before and know all about my wonderful sounds and the things I need?!
I’m four years old and super active. To be perfectly honest, I would like my humans to be around most of the time as I can’t get enough attention! I do get bored if I’m not getting all the attention I crave (and deserve, thank you)...this can lead to me being a bit vocal but I DO have a lovely singing voice!
My favourite thing is playing, I think its really pawesome. I’m even quite talented at a spot of agility so I’d love a large garden I can play and show off in.
Out on my walkies I like meeting other doggos but I would like all the fuss and attention as the only dog in the home please! I’d also like to live with older children (teenagers).
Please fill out a homefinder today if you think you’re suitable so I can show you just how lovely I am!
Ice x


Breed - bull mastiff cross boxer

Age - 1

Rescue - Wood Green

Location - Godmanchester

More information -
Frankie is a very bright and fun loving dog with bags of character and energy. He is looking for a training minded home to help see him through his adolescent years and owners who will enjoy being a part of that process. For your effort you’ll be rewarded with an intelligent, affectionate and a very rewarding dog to be around. Frankie will be best in an adult only environment and will need to be the only pet in the home. He will need some training before being left home alone.

Breed - Jack Russel Terrier
Age - 8
Rescue - National Animal Welfare Trust 
Location - Somerset 
More information - 
Hello, my name is Daisy and I am a beautiful 8-year-old female Jack Russell Terrier. I was not getting along with the other dog in my previous home, so I am now looking for a new home of my own.
I am a very active girl who can be a little anxious in new situations, but once confident loves getting attention from everyone that I meet. I’m very keen to explore new places and will often try my hardest to get to them as quickly as possible, so it is important that any new owner can work on my lead walking with me as well as continue my basic training and socialisation.
I’m looking for a quiet home where there’s not much coming and going. I can get a little distressed when there’s lots going on outside my house, so a home in a quiet area or in a rural location would suit me best.
I would make a great companion for an active, terrier-experienced family. I love to be out and about exploring and I love playing with my toys; I will eagerly play fetch and drop my ball for it to be thrown again! But I do prefer my own space when it comes to being around other dogs. I’m quite happy if they leave me alone but I’m definitely not fond of them in my face!
I would be happy in a home with children aged 8+ that are used to dogs and I would prefer to be the only pet in the household.