Friday, 22 July 2011

Bandit in Dogs Today Magaine - Pro Plan review

Bandit has his moment of fame this month, as he is in Dogs Today magazine as part of a Pro Plan promotion.

In the spring Bandit took part in a dog food trial for Pro Plan which went really well.  We found that he loved the food and his health improved.  Here is our review which appeared in the magazine - 

"We adopted Bandit just over a year ago from rescue kennels, where he’d been for six months. He’s a very active dog and we have had problems keeping him at his ideal weight as he loses weight so easily. Overall he was in good health but he did suffer from dry, flaky patches on his skin. When we started the PRO PLAN trial we were pleased to see him enjoying his food so much and excitedly wagged his tail everytime he saw the PRO PLAN bag. His overall body condition has really improved, he is back to his ideal weight and the formula has been good for his digestion. We’ve also noticed a huge difference in his skin and coat, the flaky, itchy patches have cleared up and his coat is thick and glossy. We are thoroughly impressed with PRO PLAN, it’s a quality food and it really suits Bandit."

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