Thursday, 21 July 2011

Dogs 4 Adoption rescue - where I come from!

Hello Henry here again! Here's a bit of my story-

In 2008 I found myself in alot of trouble.  My owner stopped caring for me - leaving me alone for days on end.  After neighbours complained about the noise I made he took me to a boarding kennels saying he was going on holiday.  However he never came back for me.

As you can imagine I was very scared and confused, but the kennel staff looked after me well.  I had infected ears, bad skin, a matted coat and was very thin.  It took a while for me to get back to full health, but soon I was ready to look for my new home.

When I came home with mummy and the rest of my family, I was so happy.  I got very attached to them though and didn't like to be left alone or for doors to be shut - I was scared I was going to be abandoned again!  Three years later I'm a happy well adjusted dog.  Sadly there are lots of dogs at the kennels who are not as lucky as me and still need new homes.  

Please take a look at the Dogs 4 Adoption at St Giles Kennels website to see if you can offer one of these dogs a new home.

Here are of few of the dogs who need new homes




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