Sunday, 31 July 2011

Feelwell's Nutritionally Complete Dog Food - Review

Feelwell's are a family company based in North Yorkshire who produce a range of healthy, probiotic dog food and treats.  They pride themselves on producing food and treats that are natural, healthy, and hypo-allergenic yet still very tasty for your beloved pet.  Recently Bandit and Skipper were lucky enough to try the Feelwell's Complete Dry dog food range.  Let's find out how they got on.

 The Feelwell's adult complete food comes in two varieties - venison and duck.  Both varieties are suitable for any adult dog of any size or breed.  The food is hypo-allergenic, holistic and is wheat, gluten, dairy, soya, beef, egg and rice free as these ingredients are known to cause allergic reactions in dogs.

Bandit and Skipper loved both the venison and the duck varieties.  The venison flavour proved to be a huge hit with both dogs, possibly because they'd never tasted any venison food before.  The kibble was of a good size - not too big so that it was difficult to eat and not too small so they had to chew and not swallow it whole (which Skipper often does, causing him choke).  Bandit can often get bored half-way through a bowl of food and  wander off and leave it - but he certainly didn't want to leave any of this behind, the bowl was licked clean!

Feelwell's complete food is made using barley, oats and peas as these food are lower on the GI index .  This means they take longer to digest than rice and similar ingredients and therefore, the dog feels fuller for longer between meals and the energy is released more slowly.

This food certainly seemed to benefit Skipper's sensitive stomach. His stools were firmer and slightly less whiffy!  They both looked really well on this food, with glossy coats, shining eyes and good skin.  It may sound strange but they generally looked sparkier and healthier!  This was after just a week on the food, I imagine the transformation would be even greater after a longer period.

Feelwell's also produce a Puppy variety of the food in duck flavour.  This provides all the essential nutrients for your puppy, and stimulates the growth of healthy, friendly bacteria.  Feelwell's puppy food can be fed to any size or breed of puppy and gives them a healthy start to life.

Feelwell's are also on the PETA list of Ethical Pet Food Suppliers, as they do not test products or ingredients on animals. They are also proud to be among the founder members of The Campaign for Real Pet Food which is working hard to promote the use of good quality ingredients in pet food.

Our overall impressions of the Feelwell's range of food is very positive.  Healthy dogs foods are often seen as being unappealing, but the reactions of Bandit and Skipper prove that this food certainly is tasty.  What more can you ask of a dog food - tasty, healthy and natural - it has it all!

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