Thursday, 25 August 2011

Alpro Soya Desserts - Review

When I see Soya products it always conjures up bad memories of being a small child in the 80s and having to have soya milk on my cereal as dairy products aggravated my eczema.  I have to be honest and say I hated it!  It almost put me off milk for life - I take my coffee black and if I have cereal I only use a tiny bit of milk.  Thankfully soya products have improved in leaps and bounds over the last 30 odd years!  

Alpro Soya produce a large range of products including milk and yogurt alternatives.  Alpro soya is made with all the plant goodness of soya so it's naturally low in saturated fat and lighter for you. And because plant proteins use less of the Earth’s resources than animal proteins, it’s lighter for the planet too – in fact, its lighter all round!  

My family and I were sent some Alpro Soya desserts to try and I admit to getting my sister-in-law, Sarah, to trying them first - I just couldn't get those bad memories out of my head!  Sarah assured me that the desserts were delicious, and you couldn't tell they were dairy free, so I gave them a try - and I'm glad I did!

Being fully paid up chocoholics, the first dessert we tried was the Dark Chocolate flavoured one.   I think one word sums this dessert up - 'Yum'!  Creamy and really chocolatety it's hard to believe it contains just 93 calories and 2.2g of fat.  These desserts are ideal for people who are watching their weight but still need a chocolate fix.  They are long-life too so are a great stand by product to keep for those moments when nothing but chocolate will do. 

This caramel flavour dessert is just 82 calories, low in saturated fat and has added calcium and vitamins.  It also happens to be really creamy and tasty!  We loved this flavour too, it was so creamy.  I've also spotted a recipe on the Alpro Soya website for a Banoffee Tart made using this product, and I can't wait to try it out.

The Alpro long-life desserts are also available in Vanilla and milk Chocolate flavours. These creamy desserts are carefully full of plant goodness and naturally low in fat. They are also free from artificial sweeteners and colours. 

 I'd highly recommend these products to everyone, whether dairy intolerant or not.  I just wish these were available when I was at school, they'd have made a great addition to my packed lunches!  For more information about Alpro and their products please visit

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  1. I thought the caramel tasted like a cappuccino.
    Perhaps I'll try the dark chocolate next instead.