Saturday, 13 August 2011

Antos Cerea Dog Chews - review

Antos Cerea dog chews have to be some of the best looking dog treats I've ever seen!  They are available in different shapes and sizes - from bones, to sticks, to toothbrushes to hedgehogs!  The Cerea chews are all 100% natural, vegetable based and have a minimal fat content.  Many of the treats in the range are also specially designed to clean your dogs teeth.

Henry is a little on the porky side and puts on weight very easily due to having steroid injections for skin and ear problems, so any treats he has have to be low in fat and healthy for him.  He's also not keen on having his teeth brushed, so a low fat treat that would help clean his teeth sounded ideal for him.  The only thing I was worried about was if he would like a vegetable based treat - I shouldn't have worried!

'Mmmmm, which one shall I try first?'

Before I even opened the parcel, Henry knew that it contained something for him and was keen to find out what it was, so they must smell pretty appetising for dogs.  We were a bit mean, making him wait to try his first treat, but he soon got stuck into the crocodile shaped chew.  

The crocodile and the hedgehog both looked so cute, it was a shame they soon had their heads chewed off!  They are both shaped with spines, bumps etc that clean your dogs teeth when he chews them off.  The treats lasted Henry quite a while, which was great as he manages to eat some treats in two seconds flat.  Because it was taking him time to eat them I felt they were being effective in cleaning his teeth.  Sometimes Henry can get bored with treats that take a bit of effort, but these must have have tasted really good as he polished off every single bit and asked for more!

I was really impressed with these treats.  Henry enjoyed them, they're low in fat, natural, clean his teeth, healthy and were kind to his sensitive stomach - what more can you ask for in a dog treat?

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  1. yay, glad to see another dog tucking into the chews, mine loves them! its handy that they're low in fat for your dog Henry, i also like them because they're a low protein treat. our vet advised us to cut down on the meaty treats as too much protein can put a bit of strain on the kidneys. so these chews are perfect!

  2. when i say 'us', i mean my dog lol!

  3. We buy chews to clean our dogs' teeth especially as dental treatment for dogs is SO expensive! They do work too.

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