Friday, 26 August 2011

The Day Henry Saved my Life

Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the day Henry saved my life.  Without him I wouldn't be here to tell the tale.  I have very little recollection of this day, but my Mum and my Aunt have told me all about how wonderful Henry was.

I would bore you all with all the details, but basically I'd been unwell for a day or so, but Mum and I put it down to my M.E.  I was asleep on the sofa when Henry started acting very strangely.  Barking, howling, jumping on me, then grabbing the sleeve of mum's jumper and pulling her over to me.  After checking me, Mum realised I wasn't just asleep - I was unconscious and had a dangerously high temperature.

After being rushed to hospital Doctors diagnosed me with septicemia which was caused by a strep infection.  I had to have an operation to remove some infected tissue from my leg, and was very ill for over a couple of weeks.  If I had been left without treatment for any longer the outcome would have been alot different.

I don't know how he knew that I was so ill - but I'm very grateful that he did!

Thank you Henry, I love you!


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