Saturday, 13 August 2011

Dorset Cereals Date & Pecan bars (yum!) - review

If you fancy something different to eat as a snack alongside your morning cuppa why not reach for one of Dorset Cereals new premium cereal bars - they are truly scrumptious! (Am I the only one with the Truly Scrumptious song from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang going through my head now?! I am? I'd better carry on then!)

They are available in three yummy flavours - ‘Fantastically Fruity’, ‘Chocolate & Macadamia Nut' and ‘Date & Pecan'.  Made using only kitchen-cupboard ingredients like oats, wheat, juicy dried fruits, rich dark chocolate, glorious pecans and Macadamia nuts, before being gently baked with rich golden syrup.  Simple ingredients combined together to create some simply delicious bars.

Cereal bars can be seen as dull and boring, but having tried the date and pecan bars I can honestly say these are anything but boring.  I shared the pack of 3 with my mum and dad - then wished I hadn't been so generous, and had kept them for myself!  These bars are so moreish it would have been easy to polish off the whole box!  Dad can be very fussy where snacks are concerned (too sweet, not sweet enough, too crunchy etc etc), so I was half expecting him to find something wrong with these, but he absolutely loved them!  If Dad gives them his seal of approval then they must be good.  

The bars had a great texture and a delicious nutty taste.  The flavour of the dates didn't overwhelm the nuts, but was just enough to give them a bit of sweetness.  They make a great snack when your on the go or when you're relaxing with a cup of coffee in front of the TV.  Totally yummy!

Dorset Cereals also produce a delicious range of muesli, granola and other breakfast cereals, and when you buy a pack they are giving you the chance to win a VW Campervan!  There are three Classic VW Campervans plus 1000s of other prizes up for grabs and codes to enter are now on the full Dorset Cereals range of muesli, bars, porridge, flakes, granola and crunch – that’s over 4 million packs. To find out more about this fantastic promotion please click on the link below.

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  1. Love Dorset Cereals, they are the only muesli we buy, so thanks for review of their 'bars' will give them a try after your great review.