Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Graze healthy snacks - Review

When you are feeling peckish during the day it's all too easy to reach for an unhealthy snack like a packet of crisps or a bar of chocolate.  I've tried to make an effort to keep some healthier snacks in the house, but apart from fruit I couldn't really think of what to get!  It's just all to easy to put those packs of biscuits in the trolley!  So when I heard about a company who deliver boxes of healthy snacks to your door or desk I thought it was a fantastic idea and was keen to find out more.

The Graze boxes contain four punnets of different snacks, each chosen for you from their huge range of over 100 different snack selections.  You can choose which day your box is delivered and how often - weekly, twice a week etc.  The box is sturdy and well designed and easily fitted through our letter box, so I didn't need to worry about being in when the post arrived.

The snacks I received were:
  •  Copacabana - Brazil nuts, dark chocolate buttons and milk chocolate buttons.  I wasn't expecting to receive any chocolate in my Graze box so this was a lovely surprise.  A lovely combination of good quality chocolate and large, crunchy Brazil nuts. Yum!
  • Fiery Seeds - pumpkin and sunflower seeds with chilli.  I'll admit that I'm not a big fan of spicy foods and these were hot, hot, hot so not really for me.  My friend tried these for me and she loved them, she said they were ideal to pick at or 'graze' from throughout the day.
  • Cheddar Gorge - salsa corn sticks, baked herb bites and cheese cashews.  My family say I'm a 'Cheese Monster' so a cheesy snack that was healthy sounded ideal for me.  This was a great combination of textures and flavours, and made a tasty, satisfying snack.
  • Eleanor's Apple Crumble - dried apple, sultanas with honey and cinnamon almonds. My favourite!  The honey and cinnamon almonds were simply delicious (although I only got to eat two - my mum and dad scoffed the rest!) and they were perfectly complemented by the dried fruit.

I loved three out of the four snacks, and it's only really me being a wimp with hot food that stopped me enjoying the fourth.  The brilliant thing with Graze is that you can let them know which of their snacks you do and don't like by rating them as 'Love', 'Like', 'Try' or 'Bin' so I could choose not to have spicy treats in my next box.

With the box you get a little leaflet telling you all about the snacks in your box.  This is personalised for you, which I thought was a lovely touch, and includes nutritional information about each snack.  Also included are four vouchers for a free box to pass onto friends.

The only negative point I found was you couldn't reseal the actual punnets in between 'grazing', but I kept them in the cardboard box which you could close and this seemed to keep them fresh.  To be honest they weren't really around long enough to go stale anyway as they were so moreish!

At just £3.49 a box including delivery this is good value, especially as it's so convenient.  There is currently an offer at www.graze.com where you can get your first box FREE and your second box half price.  It's easy to cancel or change your order at any time, there's no commitment, so why not give it a try!

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