Tuesday, 16 August 2011

A Special appeal for Luke the Staffie

Luke has been looking for a home for over a year now, he's a great boy who deserves a chance.  He is at the same rescue kennels as Henry, and I was there the first day Luke arrived looking so sad and confused.  Please help if you can.

A message from Luke -

Hi everyone my name is Luke and I am a beautiful 2 year old male Staffie.  Life hasn't been easy for me and unfortunately I ended up in the kennels.  The kennel staff are lovely but they are so busy they just don't have the time to give me all the love and cuddles I would like and I have been rather stressed by everything that has happened - and just like a child I have been a little bit naughty as a result.
I couldn't believe my bonio's when one day a lovely couple came along and saw me for the insecure, scared  and unloved boy I was.  Unfortunately these people couldn't keep me forever as they have to go to work, but they have been taking me home with them every weekend for the last few months.
I have enjoyed being loved so much that nearly all of my naughtiness has gone.  I didn't know how good it would feel to have a home with people who accepted me ...... and I did apologise for chewing up a dustpan (ooopppss).
Anyway here is what they told the kennels about me:

'We have had Luke at week ends for the last couple of months and what  a journey it has been.  This was only our second part time foster  dog and we were dog rookies, never having owned a dog ourselves, and  not in a position to have a dog full time even now.  We just simply wanted to try and make a difference to some of the dogs at St Giles  and as Luke was one of their long termers, we decided to give him a  go.

No wonder Luke was a long termer!!!  He came to us a stressed, mistrustful, naughty little boy, who we could not allow past the  kitchen for the first few weeks in fear of what havoc he would  create in the house.  He had no house manners or respect at all and  it soon became obvious to us the kind of background he must have  come from, left to his own devices in some back yard where it didn't  really matter what he got up to and then eventually turned out onto  the streets.  At one stage, we took him back to kennels part way  through a long weekend as we just felt so overwhelmed with him, but  thank goodness we had him back the next week end. After a lot of  hard work and patience, Luke has now come to realise that there is  so much more to life than abuse and neglect, and that love and  respect really can be a two way process.  Luke didn't know how to  relax when he first came to us, and no matter how tired he became on  long, long walks, he just could not rest.  Now, he loves nothing  more than a snuggle up on the settee and a long sleep with us beside  him, snoring and farting in the way only staffies can.

He travels really well in his crate in the car, and sleeps at night  in a crate outside our bedroom - he is fine if he can see us.  He is  doing really well with his general crate training now, and will stay  in his crate in the kitchen on his own for quite a while - we just  shout from another room and let him know we are still around if we  hear him whining and he settles down again then.  I wouldn't like to  leave him home alone at the moment though.  He has never messed in  the house, and is a sheer delight to walk on the lead, never pulling  and seems disinterested in other dogs.  We do let him off lead when  we go cross country and he just loves running to fetch his  stick/ball to bring back to us.  We always put him back on the lead  if other dogs approach, as Luke can become quite possessive over his  stick.  He is fine with the dogs themselves, juts don't get near his  stick!!!  Having said that, today he was mobbed by 3 totally out of  control dogs whilst he was off the lead himself and he was just  perfect, he did not respond at all and just waited for us to put his  lead back on and lead him away from danger.

He does love to snuggle up on the settee/bed with us, and we do let  him wander around the house briefly without constant supervision,  although we still get a shoe or towel brought into us.  I wouldnt  leave him unattended for any period of time though, a crate really  is essential to keep him out of mischief.  He does have a pretty  short attention span and we have found that he needs a toy in his  mouth most of the time that he is conscious, saves on the the  shoes!!!   He doesn't actually chew them, just mouths them and he  will let you open his mouth to extract what it is in there that he  shouldn't have.  If he starts to get a bit over excited, we just put  him in his crate for time out and he seems to appreciate that and  settle down.

Luke simply loves being out and about and has learnt to swim, we  don't think that he had been in water before judging by his  reaction.  He is excellent off lead and ignores cattle and other  livestock.  We have taken him into town and he walks the main  streets really, really well on the lead.  He comes to the pub with  us at the week ends and sits and behaves, unless we are eating and  then he will want to share.... but will be presuaded to get back  under the table.

Luke may be too boisterous for children, and I would not trust him  with a cat.  Other dogs may be OK, but I'm not sure if he would  share his toys that well so probably best if he was the only dog.

We would be more than happy for you to visit Luke whilst he is with  us at home.  The Luke you see in kennels is not the Luke you will be adopting, he still has some issues in kennels which come out in his behavior when he is there but he is a different dog when you get him away from that environment.  - come have a walk with us and see what  an absolute darling this dog is.'

Well as you can see I really need a home with someone who understands me and is willing to work with me.  It's going to take a special person who understands my breed and has a big heart.... I just know my forever home is out there somewhere and I promise to give you all the doggy love (and kisses) that you can ever want.
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Love and licks
Luke xx
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