Saturday, 6 August 2011

WheatbagsRus Neck & Shoulder Wheat Bag - Review

One of the things I hate most about fibromyalgia is having to take so many pain killers - not only do they make me fall straight to sleep, they can become less effective with continued use and can have unpleasant side effects.  I am constantly searching for something that can help ease aches and pains naturally.  So I was really pleased when the lovely people at WheatbagsRus sent me one of their Neck and Shoulder wheat bags to try.

Wheat bags offer a natural alternative to drugs and are effective at relieving a variety of aches and pains - from headaches to cramp to period pains.  They are also great at easing away the stresses and strains of the day, they're really relaxing.  Wheat bags can be used hot or cold (which I never knew until I received the helpful information sheets from WheatbagsRus).  Simply pop into the microwave or freezer, whichever you prefer.

The neck and shoulder bag is shaped so that it fits comfortably around your neck (even my chunky one!) and rests on your shoulders.  One big benefit of the shape is that it stays put! I've tried the long thin bags before, and I soon gave up them because as soon as I moved slightly it fell off.  This bag stayed comfortably in place while using my computer and even while pottering in the kitchen.

The wheat bag has a soft, fleecy removable cover, that feels lovely against your skin and ensures that the sensitive skin on the back of your neck does not get too hot. The cover is easy to take on and off, even for someone who's all fingers and thumbs like me. A really clever feature of these bags are that they have three separate sections, ensuring that the wheat does not bunch all in one end and that the heat radiates evenly in the neck and shoulder areas.

The bag is aroma free but can be scented with lavender upon request.  I thinks it's fantastic that they offer you a choice, because mum is asthmatic and strongly scented products around the house can make her ill, and I'm sure that there are many other people like her.

I was really impressed at how long the bag retained its heat for - nearly two hours. The gentle heat really helped ease the pains in my shoulders and neck.  I also found it really relaxing and I can understand why this bag can help prevent tension headaches.  You can feel all your tension fading away, it's great.

The bag is available in four colours and is incredible value at just £4.99.

Please visit their website at where you can find out more about the different wheat bags that they produce.

A big thank you to WheatbagsRus for allowing me to try this wheat bag - I love it!

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