Friday, 9 September 2011

Acumed Pain Relief Patches - review

I hate having to take so many painkillers for the muscle and joint pain I get from my fibromyalgia.  Paracetamol and ibuprofen aren't very effective on days when I get severe pain, so I have to take stronger painkillers such as tramodol.  These help with the pain, but they send me straight to sleep and I wake up with a hangover, so they aren't an ideal.  I have been looking for an alternative for a long time, but have yet to find an ideal solution.  So when I was sent some Acumed Pain Relief patches to try I was very hopeful that these would help.

Acumed is a Biomagnetic patch for pain relief. If consists of a self adhesive plaster containing high purity zinc and copper in a magnetic field. The Acumed patch is made with one of the world's most advanced micro-porous, hypoallergenic tapes. Micro-porosity allows the skin to breathe.
Acumed is based on 'Biomagnetics' which is the use of electromagnetic fields on acupuncture points.

Each patch works as a mini transmitter, emitting small energy fields which have a soothing effect and stimulate the body's natural pain relief mechanism. 
Acumed patches are completely natural. They are applied externally and contain no drugs. Magnetic therapy has been used for centuries and uses zinc and copper - both essential elements in human life.

The biggest problem I had was deciding where to put the patch!  The patch can be used for all sorts of pain from headaches to menstrual pain to joint pain. There is a diagram in with the pack that shows where to place the patches to help dozens of different problems.  I get pain all over my body and it varies from day to day depending on what I've done.  For example if I use the laptop alot, a few hours later I get pain in my hand, arms and shoulders.  I finally decided to use it on my right ankle as I get almost constant pain there, and it can get very bad.  

The patch went on well and didn't case any skin irritation.  It didn't look obtrusive and I was happy to wear sandals with it on as it wasn't really noticable.  Each patch should be worn for a week, and the leaflet says you can shower with it on.  However my patches seemed to fall off after three of four days (I had a shower every day).  It probably wasn't helped by the fact that the patches were in quite a high friction area and would have been rubbed against shoes, bed sheets etc.  It didn't cause too much of a problem though as I just popped a small piece of medical tape over the patch.

Now for the all important question - did it help the pain.  Well, the answer is yes!  It took about five or six days before I noticed a difference, but for most of the month that I've been wearing the patches I've had significantly less pain in my ankle. On most of the days I've had no pain at all in the area I've been wearing the patch.  The pain is usually awful, so the patch definately made a difference.

Overall I think these would be brilliant for someone with pain in a specific area, for example a knee problem.  Unfortunately I'd probably have to cover myself with patches from head to toe to cover all the areas I get pain - and this might look a little odd! 

For more information about the Acumed Pain Relief Patches, or to purchase online,  please visit


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