Friday, 16 September 2011

B_E_E Laundry Liquid - Review

B_E_E (Beauty Engineered for Ever) is a new range of environmentally responsible cleaning products that have been launched in the UK by Planet Health UK, the Australian owned distributor of premium natural health products.  The range includes laundry liquid, laundry powder, delicate fabric wash, whitener, multi-surface cleaner and dish-wash liquid.  Every product uses natural yet powerful ingredients and recyclable packaging that conveys a lively, confident sense of fun.

B_E_E’s products have been independently tested and proven to outperform leading mainstream and eco brands. Essential oils and cleaning agents made from natural ingredients such as coconut and sugar ensure they are also gentle on skin.

B_E_E very kindly sent me a bottle of their triple concentrate laundry liquid to try, which has the great name of ‘I’m One Tough Little Squirt (But I’m Gentle on the Environment)’.  B_E_E has created this extraordinarily gutsy concentrate so you can do your everyday washing with just a tiny dose. It is made using plant-based ingredients and natural minerals so it’s gentle on clothes and especially kind to your skin.

I must admit I wasn’t convinced how tough this would be, but I was actually really impressed with how well it cleaned - it does live up to it’s name. It removed tough stains well - blackcurrant juice, blood from my eczema, dog slobber (!)  etc., they all completely vanished.  Not only does it leave your clothes clean, it also leaves them super-soft and smelling gorgeous.  It is fragranced with a natural, unique blend of essential oils of lavender, bergamot and patchouli not any nasty chemicals, and it really does smell lovely.  The fragrance lasts well too. Having eczema, my skin is quite sensitive, but this was really kind and caused no adverse reactions.

The laundry liquid retails at £4.95 for a 500ml bottle which does 15 standard washes.  Mum thinks we actually got more than 15 washes out of the bottle though, so we can’t have been using the proper amount, but everything still came out lovely and clean. This is probably a little more than we’d normally spend per wash (we usually buy large value packs of whatever is on offer) but for a natural, eco friendly product I think this is a good price.  Overall, I was really impressed with this product.

 For more information please visit the PlanetHealth website

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