Friday, 2 September 2011

CarPET pet hair remover - review

If you're a pet owner, you've probably encountered the problem of hairs getting on clothes, carpets and upholstery - I know I have!  Henry sheds so much hair, it gets absolutely everywhere.  I've stopped wearing black clothes because they just end up covered in white hairs!  I've tried several types of hair removers - brushes, sticky rollers, special hoovers etc but nothing seems to work that well.  So I was keen to try a product that claimed to be the 'best ever pet hair remover'.

The CarPet is ideal to remove pet hair (and fluff) from carpets, furniture, car upholstery and horse rugs.  Simply wipe the CarPet over the surface and it lifts, gathers and removes the pet hairs.  Wicked or What, the company behind the CarPet, kindly sent me one to try and I've been putting it to the test at home and in the car.  

The CarPet is easy to grip, and I found it very easy to use.  I found it worked best if I just held it lightly over the fabric and didn't press too hard.  On really hairy areas it took a few swipes with the CarPet, but on most surfaces it only took one or two.  Once you have gathered the hairs together it's easy to pick or hoover them up. 

I was really impressed with how easily it gathered and removed the hairs from a variety of surfaces with relatively little effort.  Definitely worth a try if you have a hairy cat or dog that likes to leave hair around the car or home.  The CarPet would also be ideal to use in caravans or motor homes.  I can honestly say it's the best hair remover I've tried.

I've tried to take some before and after photos to show you the difference the CarPet made, but I've struggled to get the hairs to show up properly.  So I thought I'd share this video from the company's YouTube channel with you, it shows how the CarPet works much better than my blurry photos would!

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