Monday, 12 September 2011

Coming Soon - new gadget for diabetics

Every week dozens of press releases make their way into my inbox, but rarely do any of them interest me.  But I was really impressed by one which I received last week from Timesulin, which is a clever little gadget that helps insulin-dependent diabetics to remember to take their insulin.

The Timesulin cap lets you know how long it is since you last used your insulin pen, which helps you manage your diabetes and reduces the chance of a missed or double dose.  Dad has been using insulin for around twenty years, and as he's got older he's struggled to remember if he's taken his insulin or not - he's forever asking us if we saw him taking his insulin!  So this is the perfect gadget for him and we're planning to buy one for him when they're available in the UK.

Timesulin carries the CE mark, works with all major insulin pens, requires no change in habit and works straight out of the package without any programming required. Retailing at £25 for a pack of two replacement caps, Timesulin will be available to customers throughout the EU, including in the UK, from mid-November 2011. For additional information or to purchase Timesulin caps, please visit

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  1. Hi there,

    Just saw your post and want to thank you so much for the support. As a Type 1 diabetic of over 25 years, it's amazing to see how many other people around me also have this same problem of remembering to take their insulin. It's with great pride that we can help people like your dad and I look forward to getting one into his hands as soon as we possibly can.

    Kind Regards,
    John - Timesulin CEO