Friday, 9 September 2011

Family Fun with Molkky!

Recently I was lucky enough to be selected to take part in a promotion with and Tactic Games where we got to have a fun family night in reviewing two of their games (review coming soon).  They have also asked me to share the details of a great outdoor game called Molkky with you.  Sadly we didn't get to try this one, but it sounds great fun for all ages.  I also love the fact that it's eco-friendly.

Molkky – the best selling outdoor family game from Finland!
Tactic Games is backing family fresh air fun this year with the launch of Molkky.  Already a craze in Finland, Molkky is made from wood from replenishable forests.  Molkky is an eco-friendly toy with both minimal packaging and minimal air miles to the UK.

Outdoor fun for all the family is what has made Molkky an instant hit.  The rules are simple with the first player to knock down 50 points worth of skittles using the wooden throwing pin becoming the winner.  The secret of Molkky’s success is the fact it can be played on many levels with a variety of skills and strategy, ensuring mum and dad can happily play along with the teenagers, in fact, even the youngest member of the family can master Molkky!

Mölkky can be enjoyed in any outdoor space – from your back garden to the local park. Play one-on-one or get a team together – the more the merrier! All ages and fitness levels are welcome.
Based on a centuries-old game from Finland, Mölkky is fast becoming a global phenomenon. National Mölkky competitions are held in several countries around the world, and teams even come to Finland every year to compete in the world Mölkky championships.

 What you get:
  • Mölkky pins (numbered from 1 to 12) – uniquely shaped and tailor-made from 100% natural wood from sustainable Finnish forests. Easy to stand up (stable even on uneven surfaces) and simple to knock down.
  • Mölkky throwing skittle – lightweight and easy to throw for all members of the family.
  • Handy carrying crate – made from the same high-quality wood, this robust crate is ideal for storing the game. And the strong rope straps make it easy to carry Mölkky wherever you want to go.
  • Rules – clear instructions and helpful pictures ensure the game gets under way quickly and prevent any misunderstandings. You only have to concentrate on having fun.
  • Scorecard no need to try and remember your scores; just use this handy scorecard. And don’t forget, the aim of the game is to reach 50 points – exactly!

Tactic Games also has giant versions of Yatzy, Giant Tower and the lively Ten Sticks on a Board, all made from replenishable wood and ideal for family games in the sunshine!
Molkky is available from  at £34.99
More information is at

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  1. This looks like a great game for the family. I'd love to get it for next summer.