Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Flu jabs, plastic surgery and the groomers

I got up early this morning to go for my annual flu vaccination jab.  After dragging myself out of bed (never an easy task!) and making my way to the doctor's surgery, I was told by the nurse I couldn't have the jab because I've got a wheezy chest.  So instead I've got to go back to the surgery at 9.40am to see the doctor.

Then this afternoon I've got to go to Exeter hospital for an appointment in the Plastic Surgery department.  Am I having a face life? Maybe a nip and tuck? No, nothing as exciting I'm afraid, it's to see about my bent finger!  Henry managed to snap the tendons in it a couple of years ago, after he clumsily grabbed my finger instead of his toy duck!  The hospital managed to straighten it using splints, but over the last few months it's gone back to square one and is causing a fair bit of pain.  Fingers crossed (no pun intended!) they'll be able to sort it out again.

Henry has reluctantly gone to the groomers this morning for his haircut.  But while I'm at the hospital, Alan and Sarah are taking him to Exmouth beach which he really enjoys, so I'm sure he'll forgive us.  He always comes back from the groomers like a whirling dervish!  Anyone would think he'd been gone for years!

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