Friday, 9 September 2011

Green's Cupcake Kits - Review

Since I was about five I’ve loved baking cakes, and before I became ill I used to make a lot of novelty cakes for friends (ranging from cakes shaped as chickens to castles!).  Sadly nowadays I haven’t got the energy or concentration to spend hours baking and decorating cakes and I do miss it.  So when I was offered the chance to try and review the new cupcake kit range from Green’s I was really pleased – and so were my family who were my tasters!

The cupcake kits come in three gorgeous flavours – strawberry, blueberry and lemon.  Included in the kits are sponge mix, jam filling, frosting mix and a piping nozzle.  The photos on the packet looked fantastic and I couldn’t wait to try making them.  I was sent the blueberry and lemon flavour mixes to review.

The sponge mix was quick and simple to make and took just 12 minutes to bake.  The cakes rose up beautifully in the oven and smelt delicious while baking – the smell drove Henry crazy, bless him!  After cooling the cakes on a wire rack came the fun part – decorating.  First you cut a small hole in the cake, fill it with the jam then put the piece of cake you removed on top of the jam.  This gave the cakes an added dimension and made them seem much more interesting and luxurious than standard cupcakes you may make. 

So far, so good - all quick and simple.  After having a quick rest and good read of the instructions, I was ready to make and use the frosting which was the bit I was most worried about!  I’ve always been fairly useless at piping – which is why the cakes I used to make were always decorated with fondant or royal icing!  The buttercream frosting mix was easy to make up and smelt really fruity and delicious.  I did make a small mistake with the lemon frosting and put slightly too much water in the mix, so it was a bit wetter than it should have been, but it still looked and tasted great.  The plastic packet that the frosting mix came in is now used as the piping bag (or you can use your own piping bag if you have one.  You snip the corner off of the packet and insert the piping nozzle in it.  Using the piping bag wasn’t as messy as I thought it was going to be, as it was easy to swirl on the tops of the cakes.  You can then get creative by adding your own decorations to the cakes – fresh fruit, nuts, sprinkles, chocolate chips, anything you like really.  I didn’t have much in the cupboard so I just added a few sprinkles and icing flowers.  But look at the fantastic creations you can make:

Needless to say mine didn’t look as good as those (things I make never seem to end up like the pictures on the packet!) but I was still pleased with them.  

Now the important bit, the tasting.  I could only try one of the cakes as obviously they are quite sweet so wouldn’t be good for my sugar levels - my family were happy about this though as it left more for them!  I was really impressed by the sponge.  It was light, fluffy and delicious – so much nicer than packet mixes I’ve tried in the past.  With the jam and frosting as well this made a yummy combination.  The blueberry flavour was the favourite in our house, they were lovely.  

Overall I was really impressed with these cake mixes.  Quick and simple with clear instructions, they looked and tasted great.  They would really impress your friends if you made these for a girly night in or a garden party. If you hid the packets, I don’t think people would be able to tell that they were from a packet mix! All Green’s products are made with natural ingredients and contain no artificial colourings.  They are sold at Asda and Tesco and their RRP is £2.15, which I think is great value.  Visit to find out more about the mixes in the Green’s range.

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