Sunday, 4 September 2011

Harringtons Sensitive Dog Treats - review

Harringtons produce a range of complete dry dog foods and tasty, nutritious dog treats.   The company began in the late 19th Century when Great Grandfather Harrington started milling in Yorkshire. Three generations later, Harringtons retains a proud family tradition of producing top quality pet foods, sourcing locally grown products wherever possible, to give your dogs wholesome food free from any artificial flavours or colours.

The  complete dry food products in their range are - Harringtons Complete Rich in Lamb and Rice, Harringtons Complete Rich in Turkey with Veg and Puppy Complete.  They also produce four varieties of treats - Puppy Treats, Training Treats, Teeth & Gum Treats and Sensitive Treats.  The lovely people at Harringtons kindly sent us a bag of the Sensitive Treats to try.  

Harringtons Sensitive Treats are a complementary pet food suitable for all dogs from 8 weeks old.  They are natural healthy treats containing no artificial colours or flavours, no added sugar, no soya and no added wheat.  With added herbs, sesame seeds and linseed they are ideal for dogs with sensitive digestions.  The treats are in re-sealable bags, so the treats stay nice and fresh.  They are very pale in colour, very different to a lot of dog treats Henry has tried, and you can see flecks of herbs in them. They look very natural, like something you could bake at home.

 Henry practising his 'leave' command!

I used these treats as rewards after he had something done that he wasn't keen on (like being brushed or having his ears cleaned) and he loved them.  As soon as I picked up the packet, he would sit with his eyes fixed on the treats - he knew he had a healthy and tasty snack coming up.  

Bandit loved these as well, he ate them quickly and was soon asking for more!  I initially thought Skipper (our fussy lurcher) didn't like them, because he took his treat and started throwing it about, playing with it.  But he must have been having a funny five minutes (it happens quite often!) because after that he chomped them up and seemed to really enjoy them.  Overall these seemed tasty and really popular - especially with Henry, he'd do anything to earn one!  At just £1.79 for a 160g pack it's great value, so why not treat your dog!

For more information about these tasty treats, and other products in the range, please visit  You can also follow them on Twitter here

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