Thursday, 22 September 2011

Henry's been to the vets

Hello, Henry here! 

This afternoon Mummy and Uncle Alan took me to the vets, where the man stuck a big needle in me.  Mummy says it will help my skin and ears feel better - I hope she's right.  I always get itchy skin annd ears at this time of year, the vet man says I have an allergy.  I was a very brave boy so I got some treats as a reward.

Afterwards I went for a walk around the town with Mummy, Uncle Alan and Aunty Sarah.  Then they took me to a park where I had a good play and zoom around (I can go fast - but not as fast as my lurcher brothers!).

Despite the nasty man sticking needles in me I had a good afternoon.

Got to go now - it will be time for my supper soon!


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