Monday, 26 September 2011

Nakd "nudie" bars - review

When you reach for a snack what do you go for?  Crisps?  Biscuits?  Maybe some chocolate?  If you want something just as satisfying but much healthier, reach for a delicious Nakd “nudie” bar.  Finally there is a healthy snack alternative that doesn’t taste of cardboard!  Available in seven gorgeous flavours, Nakd snack bars are an all natural range that is super healthy and tastes great.

So what’s the big difference from other bars? As you may know, nearly all so-called ‘healthy’ snack bars on the market rely on intense heat-processing, refined sugary syrups and mysterious additives.  Take a look for yourself; your typical cereal bar, for example, has between 15 to 30 ingredients, many of which are completely unrecognisable and several of which are often just various types of sugar. Despite what decades of slick marketing and packaging seeks to imply, heavily processed, syrup-laden and additive filled is not a credible recipe for ‘healthy’.

Nākd bars on the other hand are made with a wholefood approach. Instead of heavy processing, sugary syrups and mysterious additives, Nākd relies on tasty raw fruit, nuts and natural flavours all rolled together. That’s it. Simply wholefoods and nothing else! Literally, any more natural and you’d have to peel them! Consequently, they are genuine nutritional powerhouses bursting with natural raw nutrients, are wheat, dairy and gluten free, vegan and even count as one of your five a day.

Choose from gorgeous Nākd chocolate flavours such as Cocoa Delight, Cocoa Mint and the award winning Cocoa Orange. Or try something a little fruiter with Berry Delight, which combines raw dates and cashews with raisins, raspberries and natural berry flavouring.  Alternatively discover the delicious flavours of Cashew Cookie, Ginger Bread or Pecan Pie.
I was kindly sent one each of the above flavour bars so that I could try them.  Well that was the theory – my family had other ideas!  They insisted that I needed help trying the bars so we shared them between us.  Everyone liked them, even my brother who rarely eats fruit (the only thing you’d normally get him to eat that contains fruit is an apple pie!), so this is a great way for him to get one of his five a day.  My favourite flavours were the deliciously fruity Berry Delight and the wonderfully nutty Pecan Pie.  I’ll be honest and admit I wasn’t a big fan of the Cocoa bars, but everyone else really enjoyed them so it was just my personal tastes.

These bars were really satisfying and would be ideal to keep in your desk drawer for a mid morning snack.  I loved the fact that these have relatively low carbohydrate content and contain no added sugars, so as a diabetic I could snack without having to worry about my sugar levels shooting up.  Being gluten, wheat and dairy free they also make an ideal snack for those with special dietary needs.

The Nakd bars were so tasty, with a great texture, we all really enjoyed them - why not give them a try.  Nākd bars are widely available in Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose, Holland & Barrett, independent health food shops and online at

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