Sunday, 25 September 2011

Photography Art Prints - Spell it out with Scottish Love Letters from Landscapes365

Are you looking for a special gift for a birthday or anniversary?  Or are you looking for a special decorative piece for your home?  Landscapes365 have just the thing for you, with their new collection of ‘Love’ prints.

Isle of Skye based photographers Andrew and Rosie Woodhouse, have introduced their own take on the best way to tell loved ones just how much you care.  Their latest collection entitled ‘Love Letters’, available through their website, combines the stunning landscapes of the west coast of Scotland with beautiful hand painted letters simply spelling out the word ‘love’.

Andrew and Rosie recently sent me a small print of the ‘Love Letters’ image shown above.  I was really impressed with the quality and clarity of the print and what can I say about the image itself?  It is simply stunning!  I don’t think you can fully appreciate just how beautiful the photographs are on a computer screen, they are even better in the ‘flesh’.

As well as the classic collection of ‘love’ prints, bespoke images featuring names, short phrases or dates can also be created for that more personal touch, making them an ideal gift for weddings, christenings and anniversaries.  Why not use the sweeping sands of the Hebrides to celebrate your new baby’s name, or the splendour of the Cullin Mountain peaks to remember your wedding date.

Founder, Andrew Woodhouse says:  “We have always been in awe of the scenery that we’re lucky enough to photograph every day.  It means different things to different people, we’ve met people who have fallen in love with the west coast of Scotland, visiting time and time again, we know people who have got engaged on local beaches and we know that some just dream about coming here.  The ‘Love Letters’ collection not only brings together our love of the Isle of Skye but it hopefully goes someway to expressing how inspiring and rousing the landscape can be and how much it means to people who see it.”

Available in a selection of sizes from 12 x 8in to 38 x 28in the ‘Love Letter’ prints are finished in either a classic white wooden or ornate antique frame.  They can also be presented as a canvas wrap or as an acrylic print.  Prices start from £45 including delivery.  A bespoke image starts from £85.

Another aspect of Landscapes365 that I love is that they have two gorgeous doggy photographic “assistants” Tess and Toby.  They often sneak their way into Andrew and Rosie’s photographs and these outtakes have become so popular they’ve led to the creation of Dogscapes365.  There is even a Dogscapes365 2012 calendar available featuring some of the stunning landscape images that Tess and Toby have crept into.  It would make a fantastic Christmas gift for people who appreciate the rugged beauty of the Isle of Skye and dogs alike - it’s on my Christmas list!  
Henry checking out the lovely greetings card featuring Toby and Tess

You can also purchase a pack of greetings cards featuring the assistants posing for all they’re worth.  Andrew and Rosie kindly sent me one of these and it is great, Tess and Toby look so proud.  You can purchase a calendar or pack of greetings cards here.

The Assistants have their own Facebook page here where you can see some of the 'outtakes' featuring Toby and Tess.

For more information about Landscapes365, as well as Dogscapes365, please visit

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