Thursday, 15 September 2011

Scruffy Chops Dog Shampoo - Review

What is it with dogs and disgusting, smelly things?  Rotting seaweed on the beach – Henry has to rub his neck in it!  Something left behind by a fox in a field – Bandit has to roll in it!  Filthy, stagnant water – Skipper has to jump in it!  None of them really like having baths, but they don’t seem to have realised that jumping or rolling in something smelly results in being bathed.  Recently we were sent some Scruffy Chops dog shampoo to try, and it was perfect timing as last weekend Skipper ended up filthy after jumping in some mucky water.  You could smell him from the other end of the garden!  Yuk!  

Scruffy Chops Zest in Show is a natural mineral shampoo for dogs, which has a ‘zingy whiff of pink grapefruit’.  It is suitable for all coat types and for sensitive skin.  Zest in Show natural dog shampoo is full of wonderful ingredients to help look after your dog’s skin and coat. These ingredients include the much sort after Dead Sea minerals and Oatmeal which goes towards making up the impressive 98% natural ingredients you will find in Scruffy Chops dogs shampoo. Not only does Scruffy Chops look after your dog’s skin and coat but it will also leave them smelling scrummy and feeling super soft! Importantly, Scruffy Chops products are cruelty free.  The packaging is great – a soft pouch which is easy to open and dispense whilst wrestling with a wet dog, and a bright, funky design.  I love the name too! 

This is Skipper before his bath, as you can see he was quite dirty (even worse than the dirt was the smell!).

The zingy, grapefruit fragrance of this shampoo is gorgeous, the whole bathroom smelt lovely whilst we were bathing Skipper.  The shampoo massages well into the coat, and also rinses well - some shampoos I’ve used in the past have been difficult to rinse away from the coat, which can be irritating to the skin. Skipper was pretty filthy, yet he still only needed one application and rinse to remove all of the dirt from his coat, which I was very impressed with.  His white patches looked bright and clean, which was quite an achievement given how they look in the photo above!

Skipper enjoyed the massaging part; I think the shampoo must have felt pleasant on his skin.   He wasn’t so keen on the rinsing though!

A couple of days after the bath, Skipper’s coat feels lovely and soft and looks in great condition.  He also still smells gorgeous; the fragrance has lasted really well.  It smells, lovely and natural though, not perfumed and chemically like some shampoos can smell.

The Scruffy Chops shampoo is also available in two other varieties – Sugar Daddy (brown sugar) and Rhubarking Mad (rhubarb and custard).  They all retail at £8.99 and are available from

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