Saturday, 10 September 2011

Update on Dad

As you may have read earlier in the week, Dad was taken into hospital in the early hours of Monday morning with fluid on his lungs and the start of pneumonia.  He is still in hospital but is doing really well. 

Last year his heart and other organs were damaged by a strep infection, and he needs stents in his heart and possibly a heart bypass.  Unfortunately he can't have the stents yet as he is anemic and they need to find out why.  He has been having regular transfusions for the problem since last summer but they've never found  out the cause of the anemia.  Hopefully this time they can, so he can progress with his treatment and come home where he belongs.

He is still on oxygen and is very sleepy (due to the anemia) but is looking relatively well.  Fingers crossed he will continue to improve.

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