Friday, 28 October 2011 Personalised Photo Books – Review

I’ve heard of personalised books with photos before, but I assumed they were just story books for children – I was wrong!  Its Your Story also produces special books for animal lovers featuring photos of their pet – a fantastic idea!  You can choose between a Birthday Wishes Pet Book or a Christmas Wishes Pet book which have delightful poems alongside photos of your pet.  I was sent a Christmas Wishes book starring Henry, which we all thought was fantastic.

The personalised Pet Books are produced in partnership with the Pet Poets Club and have a series of Christmas or Birthday themed poems accompanied by a photo of your pet and appropriate illustrations.  Henry’s book has twelve Christmas poems in it, some short, some long but all of them are really well written and are sure to bring a smile to your face.  You can use photos of any type of pet for the book, not just cats and dogs.  So if your grand daughter loves her hamster, or your aunty loves her parrot the Pet Books would make great gifts for them!

The illustrations in the book are great – Henry appears as Father Christmas, on top of a Christmas tree and even as a fairy!  I love the little rhyme that goes with the fairy picture:

“Have you ever seen
A Christmas fairy
Full of love….
Or quite as hairy!”

The quality of the book is fantastic.  Both the paper quality and that of the printing is top notch.  The books are easy to order on It’s Your Story’s new website.  Just choose the book you’d like to order, upload a photo and the details you’d like to include.  As a famous meerkat would say – simples!

 "Who's that handsome chap?!"

I think these books would make fantastic gifts for pet lovers of all ages.  When I showed Henry’s book to my sixty something year old Dad, his face was an absolute picture!  He loved the book – the poems made him laugh out loud and put a big smile on his face.  This alone is worth the £14.99 price tag, which I think is very reasonable for such a fantastic keepsake.

Another great thing about the Pet Books is that for every book sold £1 is donated to the Dogs Trust, so you are helping homeless dogs in their care.

For more information about the Pet Books, and to browse the many other personalised books available please visit


  1. I love this!!!!!
    I'd love one of my cat Sparticus. I think my kids would think it was great too.

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