Saturday, 22 October 2011

Mister Waffley Christmas greetings cards from SmileyEyes – Review

If you’re looking for a special card for the loved ones in you life this Christmas, then I have just the thing for you!  Featuring an ultra cute rabbit character called Mister Waffley, SmileyEyes greetings cards are extra special and a little different from the standard cards you can pick up in the high street or supermarket.  In their online shop you purchase standard verse cards, large story cards and postcard style notecards.

I was sent a large story Christmas card and three of the standard verse Christmas cards to review.  The Mister Waffley character is just adorable, really well illustrated and printed.  He looks full of mischief and fun – children and adults alike are bound to fall in love with him.  As SmileyEyes say, Mister Waffley and friends are ‘characters with spirit’ with ‘lots of cute appeal’.  If you take a visit to the SmileyEyes website you can find out more about everyone’s favourite rabbit, Mr Waffley.  Did you know he loves homemade food, but hates carrots?!  And his ambitions are to build a rocket-ship and to learn how to fly!  I love how SmileyEyes have put so much thought into creating such a great character.

All of SmileyEyes’ designs and stories are created in-house at their studio in South Wales. All of their characters are hand-drawn using a Wacom Graphics Tablet, as well as natural media of good old-fashioned pencil and paper. They are then partially 3D modelled and textured and are digitally printed using local suppliers in South Wales.

The large story Christmas cards are quite simply fabulous.  They are A5 sized with a cute Mister Waffley character, that looks like he’s about to step off the page!  Inside it has a printed sheet with a lovely story about Mister Waffley’s adventures, which you can finish reading on the SmileyEyes website using the password provided.  The story is a brilliant extra touch, which will make your card stand out from the crowd this Christmas.  There are three different Christmas story cards available – Mister Waffley & presents, Mister Waffley & Stocking and Mister Waffley & pudding – priced at £2.20 each.

There are five different designs in the standard verse cards Christmas range, which include a short verse about Mister Waffley’s adventures.  These are A6 sized cards, which are priced at £1.50 each or £6.00 for a multipack of 5 cards.  As with the large story cards these are of a very high quality, with thick card and fantastic illustrations and printing.   My favourite is the Mister Waffley and snow bunny card – so sweet! 

I would definitely recommend these cards to anyone looking for a card for someone special.  They are not just for children either  – I know I would love to receive one!  Visit to find out more and to purchase online.


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  2. Thanks for the great review Julie - so glad you like the Mister Waffley cards. And you're right, he is full of mischief!

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