Sunday, 2 October 2011

A New Puppy in the Family by Elaine Everest - Book Review

"A new puppy in the family is an exciting time for young and old alike. The arrival of this cute little bundle of fur and joy will capture your heart. But a puppy also brings with it responsibilities and some challenges. This book guides you through every aspect of choosing and owning your puppy and nurturing it into the obedient, loving, loyal, fully grown dog that will be a credit to you or your family.

How and where to find the best breeder; Providing bedding, a sleeping area and safe toys; Basic house training and play suggestions from day one; Micro chipping and pet safety and health; Supervising children and dogs; Obedience training; Showing your dog; Coping with illness and bereavement.

 With additional comments and advice from other dog owners, this book is a must for anyone considering buying - or just about to buy - a new puppy."

‘A New Puppy in the Family – How to choose and care for your new pet’ by Elaine Everest is a comprehensive guide to bringing up your new puppy.  After reading this guide I was really impressed with the range of information – I can’t think of a single thing that hasn’t been covered!  I’d recommend this book to anyone thinking of getting a dog for the first time, as without the right training and socialising a cute puppy can soon turn into boisterous, unsocialised dog that an inexperienced owner just cannot cope with.  Sadly this is why so many dogs end up in rescue centres looking for new homes.

For those who’ve never owned a puppy before, it can be a shock to find out just how much work is involved in training and caring for your fluffy bundle of fun.  Last year my brother adopted a rescued lurcher puppy called Skipper.  He was a lot of fun and I enjoyed his visits, but I was glad to be able to hand him back to them at the end of the visit! He wore me out!  You have to have eyes in the back of your head -  you think you’ve puppy proofed your house, but they are experts at finding things to chew and places to get up to mischief!

I’ve read some books like this in the past and they can be quite dull, but Elaine Everest has managed to make this book informative but also interesting to read.  Even if you’ve owned dogs before you will find this book useful – it’s packed with advice on training, feeding and looking after you dog.  It covers basics and also goes more in depth as well – you’ll find everything you need from recipes for home made treats to how to teach your dog ‘heelwork to music’ (doggy dancing).

This is an excellent book – really well written and filled with very good advice.

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  1. Interesting Book, as i haven't seen anything like it in book shops.