Saturday, 15 October 2011

Pain, pain go away....

I usually manage the pain from my fibromyalgia quite well, but for the past couple of days it's been really getting me down - I just wish it would go away!  The pain has been really severe this week, today being the worst day I can remember for a long time. 

I'm so spaced out on Tramodol painkillers, that this post probably makes no sense at all!  Ah well, I'd better get back to watching Strictly and hope for a better day tomorrow.  Sorry for such a miserable posting!


  1. My husband has fibromyalgia too, and he had a recent spell of pain that was much worse than normal, so he went back to the doctor who changed his painkiller to amytryptaline (I've no idea how that's supposed to be spelled!) and now he has less pain than he has had for years.

    I hope your pain soon eases, but if it goes on for much longer maybe you could ask your doctor if you could try that?

  2. I've been on a high dose of amitrytiline for two or three years now, and it definately helps, the really bad pain is not as frequent as it used to be (I used to be bed bound most of the time). I take pregablin (also known as lyrica) as well, which was prescribed by the pain clinic which helps nerve pain.

    I hope your husband is well, and not experiencing too much pain at the moment.