Saturday, 22 October 2011

Penn State Pretzels - Review

I love nibbling on snacks like crisps and nuts, but until recently I’d never really tried pretzels before.  Penn State Pretzels are the ideal snack for any occasion from a snack throughout the day, to pre-dinner nibbles at a sophisticated dinner party. They are oven baked, not fried, so are a healthier alternative to other snacks for all the family.  I was recently sent two different flavours of Penn State Pretzels to try, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they are really very yummy!

I was sent 175g sharing pack of the new limited edition Gammon & Mustard flavour pretzels to try.  Steve Harger, from Intersnack, the company behind the Penn State brand says, “After carrying out extensive research, we discovered that people were looking for an extra kick to their healthy snacks and that’s where the Gammon & Mustard flavour originated from. As with all our products, the new flavour is low in fat.”

I wasn’t sure that I’d like these as I’m not a big fan of mustard, but the level of flavouring was just right for me, with the mustard not being too over-powering.  The gammon flavouring comes through nicely too, subtle but really mouth-watering.  The only problem I found with these was that they were so moreish and addictive that Sarah and I munched our way through a whole pack one evening!  We absolutely loved these, and have since bought another pack for our Saturday evenings in front of the TV.

We were also sent a small pack of the Worcester Sauce flavour pretzels to try.  These were just as addictive, really tangy and tasty.  The Worcester Sauce flavour was re-launched this summer after previously being discontinued in 2009.  Worcester Sauce Pretzels are available to buy now in ASDA stores, in 30g and 175g packs, RRP: 60p & £1.29 respectively.

Worcester Sauce itself is made using a secret recipe and is famous around the world. Steve Harger, from Intersnack, the company behind the Penn State brand, said: “We’re very excited about reintroducing the deliciously different Worcester Sauce flavour to our pretzel range. As such a popular flavour, we just had to bring it back.  We have listened to the advice of our fans who couldn’t wait to see a return of the flavour. Behind the scenes, our team have worked tirelessly to create the distinctive Worcester Sauce flavour in celebration of this Great British sauce.”

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  1. Am so pleased I saw this review - I used to love the Worcester Sauce flavour, only place I had found them was on a holiday flights & then they disappeared! Will now be popping into Asda!

  2. I saw these on another blog and really wanted to try them (the gammon ones) but theres no Asda in Exeter and Tesco don't have such cool flavours :(

  3. I love pretzels. The gammon and mustard sound divine!