Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Wilkinson Help Pets Enjoy “Staycations”

A survey commissioned by Wilkinson reveals that UK pet owners wanting to spend more time with their pets are adding to the rise in popularity of holidaying in the UK or the "staycation”.  The survey found that nearly a million pet owners claimed they would rather stay at home with their pet than go on holiday without them and a further million have cried when saying goodbye to their pets before leaving them to go on a break. A quarter of UK adults would even go so far as to pay the same price as another person to take their pet on holiday with them.

If you are taking your pet on holiday  or on a short break with you, Wilkinson have a huge pet range that will make sure your dog is looking and feeling his best, with plenty to keep him happy once he arrives at his destination.  Wilkinson sent me a selection of products to review, and I was greatly impressed by the quality and value for money.

When taking your pet into a dog friendly accommodation, make sure you don’t take any uninvited guests with you by using Wilkinson’s great value range of flea products.  From a Vinyl Flea and Tick Collar for just £1.70 to Household Flea Powder (200g) for £2.38 there’s everything you need to keep your pet and home pest free.  We used the Dog Flea Drops (£3.09) on Skipper, which kill flea and ticks for up to four weeks.  They are really simple to use, just part the dog’s fur at their shoulder blades and apply the contents of one tube to the dog’s skin.  Then if your dog is over 15kg apply the contents of the second tube to the skin just above the base of the tail.  Skipper was quite happy to have the flea drops applied,  they caused him no ill affects, and most importantly have kept him flea and tick free.  These are best used in conjunction with the Wilko Household Flea Spray (£2.40 for 250ml) as fleas lay eggs in carpets, bedding etc which means your whole house soon has fleas!  Quick and easy to use, you just spray it on affected areas, and it kills the fleas and keeps them away.

Right your dog is now pest free, next make sure they are looking fab with the Wilko range of pet brushes and combs.  Being well groomed will also help reduce the amount of hair shed over hotel carpets and furniture whilst on holiday with your dog.  The Wilko Slicker Brush (£3.29) worked brilliantly on Henry’s thick coat, removing loose hairs and keeping it looking shiny and healthy.  The brush is of good quality with firmly attached bristles (with some slicker brushes I’ve tried, bristles have soon fallen out when faced with Henry’s coat).  It is comfortable to grip and didn’t seem to be too ‘scratchy’ for Henry.   This is just one of many brushes available at Wilkinson - we also tried the large dog flea & dust comb (£1.49) and the Wilko Everyday Value Small Grooming Brush (£1.69) and found them to be just as good quality as the slicker brush, although they were more suited to Bandit and Skipper’s coats than Henrys.

When travelling to your holiday destination make sure you take some water and a bowl with you as your dog can quickly get dehydrated in warm weather.  This Wilko silicone doggy travel bowl (£3.99) is ideal for hounds on the go as it is collapsible and fits easy into a bag.

When you’re out and about with your dog make sure you’re a responsible owner and clean up after yourself.  For just £1.59 you can get 30 scented dog toilet bags with a handy dispenser, which you can clip to your bag or your dog’s lead.  The bags are good quality, not too thin, and are easy to tie. 

When you arrive on holiday don’t forget to have some fun with your dog.  Wilkinson has such a great range of affordable toys, there is bound to be one to suit your dog.  If your dog likes to play ‘fetch’ games the WilkoTrain Fling a Ring would be great to play with on the beach or in the park and is a bargain at just £1.79.  Henry doesn’t normally like this sort of toy, but he seemed to enjoy chucking this about!  He also loved the Wilko floating sports ball, although he didn’t test out it’s floating abilities as strangely for a spaniel he doesn’t like water!  It is a very bouncy ball, and it kept him amused for ages.

If you ever have to leave your pet at home for a few hours, or if you want to keep him amused while you’re relaxing on holiday, Wilkinson have many toys and chews that dogs will love.  Both Henry and Skipper liked the Chocolate Flavoured Dental Toy (£2.49), which feels very hard wearing and has a lovely chocolaty aroma.  I did find it a bit strange to have a toy tasting of something which dogs shouldn’t eat, but obviously this is just chocolate flavoured and doesn’t contain real chocolate so it is harmless to them.  Bandit loved the ‘interact rubber treat ball’, which is a tough rubber toy that you can stick biscuits through the middle of.  Bandit enjoyed having to work for his treats, and the toy stood up well to his chewing (he is quite tough on toys and usually breaks things easily).

The last Wilkinson product the dogs tried were Chewy Minty Bites, which are treats for adult dogs that help keep their breath fresh.  They are just £1 for a 185g pack so are an affordable treat for your dog.  These were very popular with Bandit and Skipper!  Perfect for giving your dog a healthy treat after a fun day on holiday!

These are just a few of the many wonderful dog products available in Wilkinson’s stores or online at www.wilkinsonplus.com why not take a look and treat your dog to a new toy or some yummy treats.

If you take your dog with you on a break this autumn, Henry and I wish you a very happy holiday!

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