Friday, 23 November 2012

Win £750 in Sudocrem Mousse's Virtual Balloon Race!

A WORLD FIRST and Sudocrem Mousse’s latest Facebook competition, the Virtual Balloon Race has now officially launched and is offering one lucky winner the chance to get their hands on £750 in cash, just in time for Christmas too!
Select your balloon and enter the Virtual Balloon Race by visiting the SudocremMousse Facebook page clicking the 'Balloon Race' app (only accessible via a web browser), then follow the simple instructions to release your balloon to the millions of potential sharers on Facebook. The aim of the game is to get as many ‘balloon shares’ as possible -the most ‘balloon shares’ wins the prize!
Sudocrem Mousse’s Virtual Balloon Race completes on 21st December 2012. It’s completely free and easy to play with a fantastic prize awaiting our winner!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Pooch Pack - Review

Sometimes you come across a product or idea that really excites and impresses you - and Pooch Pack is definitely one of those.  Pooch Pack is a monthly subscription plan where you dog receives a box of goodies every month, and Henry was lucky enough to try one out this month.  He was a very good boy though and shared it with Jessie!

As soon as the box arrived Henry and Jessie were sniffing it and getting very excited, so we knew there would be something in there they liked.  When we opened it, we were very impressed with the presentation and the variety of the contents. Also included was a handy leaflet which told you all about each item and where you can purchase more.

What was included -

Doggie Patisserie Treats. These are delicious handmade bone-shaped biscuits, which are made with human grade ingredients including irresistible peanut butter.  These definitely were irresistible to Jessie - she loved them!  They can easily be broken into smaller pieces, so make ideal training treats, or they can be given whole as a special snack.

Pooch and Mutt Bionic Biotic.  This is probiotic health supplement which helps improve your dog's skin, coat and digestion.  Unfortunately this was the only item that Jessie and Henry weren't keen on - we've tried it (and other similar supplements) before and they won't eat it.  My brother's lurcher eats it sprinkled on his food with no problem though, and when he tried it before his skin and coat really improved.

Scruffy Chops 'Rhubarking Mad' shampoo.  This doggy shampoo smells absolutely gorgeous.  We bathed Jessie in it, and it left her coat feeling much softer than normal (her coat isn't in great condition as she was very malnourished and neglected before she was rescued in the summer). 

Soopa Pets Papaya and Sweet Potato treats. These were a big hit with all the dogs, but especially with Henry - he absolutely loves them!  They are 100% natural, chewy, juicy treats with no additives or preservatives.  It is difficult to find different treats for Henry as he has several allergies (he has colitis) so these are absolutely perfect for him.  An added bonus is that they are healthy and low fat - so are good for his waist-line.  We had never heard of these types of dog treat before, so having them in the Pooch Pack was brilliant, and we've now gone on to purchase some more for Henry.

Dublin Dog Roxxter. This a fantastic dog that Jessie absolutely loves, and unlike many toys it is still intact after a few weeks of regular play.  She is a large dog (Great Dane cross Mastiff!) and is a big chewer, so any toy that can survive Jessie is tough!  The Roxxter is made of made of vanilla scented recycleable rubber, and has a treat chamber which you can fill for extra fun for your dog.  Jessie loves to play with it as it is, so we haven't tried it with treats yet.

Doggee poo bag holder.  A great little gadget, which holds several poo bags and clips to your bag, keys or lead so you've always got bags to hand.  This is now on my handbag, and has proved very useful on occasions I've forgotten to put extra bags in my pocket.

Overall I am very impressed with the quality and range of items included in the Pooch Pack - in fact I was so impressed that I've subscribed so that Henry and Jessie will receive a box of goodies to share each month!  Subscriptions start at just £16.95 and you can subscribe at I think this is great value, but the thing I love best about this idea is that you discover new products and brands that you may not have known about otherwise.  The Pooch Pack would make a great gift too, and you can gift one to your favourite pooch on their website.  The Pooch Pack is fantastic and I thoroughly recommend trying one!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Please help little Ella

I have been asked to share this by Wetnose Animal Aid.

This is Ella, a lovely Parsons type terrier saved from being put to sleep in a pound by Doris Banham Dog Rescue. We think she may have been used as a bait dog by badger hunters and this is how she lost her nose. She does struggle with her breathing at times, so now the days are getting damp and cold it has been decided that kennels aren't the best place for her and she has gone into a foster home. She has only been in foster a few days, but there has been a real change in her, she possibly has one of the most endearing personalities seen in a dog. What she lacks in looks she makes up for big time in her love of people! 

She has seen the Vet about her breathing problems and they seem to think they can help. It will mean x-rays, ultrasound and a big operation, but as she is only around 2 years old we feel we have to do what is needed to improve her quality of life. All this is going to cost £1000+, and as you can imagine a small charity than relies on public donations will find this sort of money very hard to come by. If 1000 people donate £1 each we can give Ella the life she deserves! 

Wetnose has raised £740 so far but still need a few more pennies for the Doris Banham Rescue and for little Ella please pass on

Monday, 15 October 2012

Online Dog Show (photo competition) in aid of Canine Partners

Many of you know Henry is a special dog who has saved my life in the past and helps me live a better life. Now Henry would like to help other people by raising money for charities that train assistance dogs to help disabled people lead a more independent life.

Our first show is a mini Halloween themed photo show with just two classes (please note the photos don't have to be Halloween themed). All entry fees will go to Canine Partners via JustGiving

Canine Partners is a wonderful chairty, you can find out more about them and their special dogs here -

The classes -

1. Wonderful Witches (Prettiest Bitch)
2. Wicked Wizards (Handsome Dog)

You can enter as many photos as you like.
£1 per entry to be paid to Canine Partners via Just Giving

Prizes -
Halloween themed rosettes for 1st to 6th in each class plus a small goody bag of treats for each 1st place winner.

How to enter-
Send photos plus your dogs name and age to

Then go to to pay for your entries (I have just realised the minimum donation on JustGiving is £2, so if you only wish to enter one class which is £1 I am happy for you to send payment to my paypal address (please PM me for details) which I will pay to just giving for you)

I will upload photos to our facebook page once I have confiirmed payment. -

Closes 6pm on October 31st. To be judged by an independent judge on November 1st (plus Henry will be awarding 'specials' to his favourite photos.

We are based in the UK, but the competition is open worldwide (I will cover the costs of posting prizes and rosettes)
Good luck!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Henry's Joint Care + Challenge Results

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will probably know that Henry has been taking part in a six week trial of Pedigree Joint Care + treats.  To be honest I was very sceptical that 'treats' could help any dog, but the improvement in Henry's mobility has been amazing!

Before he started the trial he had become very stiff on his back legs, struggled walking up stairs and steps, found it difficult to get on his favourite chair and didn't seem to enjoy his walks any more.  This didn't just affect Henry, it affected me as well.  I have several health problems, including social anxiety, and before we adopted Henry I was afraid to go out on my own in case I had a blackout, diabetic hypo or a panic attack.  But soon Henry taught himself to recognise when my blood sugar levels dropped, raise the alarm if I had a blackout and calm me down if I had a panic attack.  This gave me confidence to go out with Henry by my side, and in turn gave me independence and freedom.  This freedom had started to slip away as Henry could no longer accompany me on long walks next to my mobility scooter.

But I am so happy to say that Henry is now enjoying his 'scoots' with me around the village and along the coastal footpath.  They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so lets look at Henry's improvement:

Henry is so much more mobile and as a result so much happier.  He is obviously in less pain and really enjoys playing again.  Because Henry is happier, I am also happier.  I have my Henry back to his best, and my independence back as well.

One unexpected side effect of the trial has been that Henry is much mellower with bouncy dogs.  He was beginning to get irritated by young, bouncy dogs like Skipper but is now much more tolerant of them.  This is obviously because he is no longer in pain so is no longer a grumpy old man!

I am so impressed with the Pedigree Joint Care + treats, and the improvement Henry has made with them.  Before the trial I would never have thought of giving him this type of treat, and was going to buy him some joint tablets from the pet shop.  Henry doesn't take tablets very easily though, and it is stressful giving them to him.  It is so much easier giving him a tasty treat that he enjoys.  He gets so excited when he sees the Joint Care + packet!

We have now bought him some more Pedigree Joint Care + , so fingers crossed he will continue to be happy and healthy. They are great value and I would recommend them to everyone.  Thank you Pedigree for giving me back the 'old' Henry!

Jessie is here to stay!

Well we attempted fostering a rescue dog for the first time - and have failed at the first hurdle!  Jessie has fitted so well into our hearts and home that we have adopted her and she is now a part of our family.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Meet our foster dog Jessie

We are fostering a gorgeous Great Dane cross called Jessie for a local rescue until she finds a new 'forever' home.  She has had a very bad start in life and is skin and bone bless her, so we are trying to help her put on some weight.  She is a fantastic dog, she is so good in the house and when out and about. Jessie loves everyone, is great with dogs and is very good on the lead.

Jessie is such a softie, a real gentle giant.  All she needs is lots of love and a nice comfy place to sleep (she likes to spend most of the day stretched out on our sofa).

Jessie is looking for her new home via Dogs 4 Adoption

Rewards for our rescue pets


The Sunday Express has teamed up with Company of Animals to hold the 4th Burgess Wetnose Animal Rescue Awards 2013 to give a round of applause to all abandoned animals who, through strength and determination, have returned to health and happiness thanks to UK rescue centres or loving new owners. Moving film clips by Nautical Films will give the event a very emotional extravaganza, these annual awards seek to recognise and raise awareness of the tireless work small rescue centres and our nation do for caring and rehoming abandoned animals. The Burgess Wetnose Animal Rescue Awards are urging the general public to nominate a pet who having been rescued is now in a loving home and fighting fit, showcasing the sterling work of UK animal enthusiasts.

Owners who have rescued an animal are encouraged to nominate their pet, like last year’s winner who was Robbie the Staffie who was stolen and made to fight other dogs and because he was winning was then set on fire! He did survive thanks to the All Dogs Matter Rescue Charity.  
Nominations can be made for a rescued pet who you feel deserves support and recognition for their rehabilitation by visiting

In addition to ‘Best Rescue Pet’, the awards also include a ‘Best Rescue Centre’ for categories such as birds, cats, dogs, small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas), horses and donkeys. We also have an award for Best Vets Surgery as well so it’s not just Rescue centres who are encouraged to nominate themselves for these awards.  

The winner, judged by a panel that includes representatives from Wetnose Animal Aid, Burgess Pet Care, The London Dog Forum, and celebrity supporters Peter Egan and TV Vet Zara Bolland, will be invited to a star-studded award ceremony in London in March 2013.
Last year’s attendees included Dame Judy Dench, Annette Crosbie, Rula Lenska, Sam Fox, Peter Egan, Lorraine Chase, Rick Wakeman and many more. 

Andrea Gamby-Boulger, director of Wetnose Animal Aid, says: “In a time of recession and cut backs, rescue centres are under great pressure due to neglected pets, and this work often goes unnoticed. The Burgess Wetnose Rescue Animal Awards aims to highlight these passionate individuals, who selflessly devote their time to helping animals in need. It’s not a job it’s a way of life, and a very stressful and emotional one that demands 24/7 commitment. With the help of the Sunday Express, we give recognition to someone special who has gone above and beyond to rescue pets themselves, they are our forgotten heroes of the animal world!” 

Justin Heaton from Burgess Pet Care, said: “We are delighted to sponsor and show our support to the Burgess Wetnose Animal Rescue Awards once again this year. The awards reflect our ethos at Burgess Pet Care perfectly, a dedication to helping and caring for the UK’s animals. We are committed to supporting these smaller, independent rescue centres through food donations, our rescue loyalty scheme and dedicated website to rehome unwanted pets.”

To enter, visit and fill in the simple online form, or download it and submit it by post before the closing date of 30/9/2012.

Canine Murray serves gold at Battersea

Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has celebrated Team GB tennis player Andy Murray’s Gold medal victory in the Men’s Singles by naming one of its homeless dogs after the hero from Dunblane.

For some reason this photo keeps coming out sideways - sorry!

Jack Russell cross Murray is now hoping some of his namesake’s success will rub off on him as he searches for a new home. The eight month old puppy was dumped on a doorstep in Bexley, London, before being brought to Battersea. Like the tennis giant, he is confident, energetic and loves tennis balls.
Rehoming and Welfare Team Leader Laura Weekley explains: “Murray is the perfect name for this pup. Like Andy, he is very intelligent and clearly has his eyes on the prize, as he wants to bag a new home. Here at Battersea everyone, including our dogs and cats, is right behind Team GB and we hope that naming some of our animals after the team will help spur them on to win even more medals.”

Andy Murray is one of Battersea’s supporters, and visited the charity in July, following the Wimbledon Championships. To wish him luck ahead of the Men’s Singles final on Sunday, Battersea tweeted a photo to his dog Maggie May, showing Battersea dog Jessy the Wire Fox Terrier holding a good luck message for the player.

Murray the Jack Russell is one of 16 dogs and cats at Battersea named after Team GB Olympic gold medal champions. They include Staffies Mo, Ben and Jessica and Golden Retriever Rutherford.
Battersea has already had a taste of the excitement surrounding the Olympics, after the Flame made a special visit to the Home last month. Former England player Michael Owen carried it through Battersea, accompanied by Rory the Staffie, and they were watched by a doggy Guard of Honour of over 50 dogs. 

Monday, 6 August 2012

Sadly things didn't work out with Billy

Billy was with us for two weeks when I had to make the very difficult decision to return him to the rescue centre.  It was the hardest decision ever, one I still feel guilty about, but it was the best one for all concerned.

Amongst other things he was just to much for me to cope with physically, he pulled me over on walks and I just couldn't give him all the exercise he needed.  The good news though is that he went straight to a new home where he is going to be a working dog going on shoots, which is just what he needs to keep him busy and happy.

Good luck in your new home Billy, I miss you

Pedigree Joint Care+ Challenge - Week 3

It's time again for our weekly progress report from Henry's Pedigree Joint Care+ challenge!  Well, the first thing we wish to share with you is Henry's day out at a dog show which was held in our nearest town at the weekend.  We weren't expecting to win anything, but it was only down the road and was in aid of Devon Air Ambulance so we thought we'd go along and support them.  I was totally gobsmacked when Henry came away with eight rosettes, including Best in Show!!!!  I was especially pleased when the judge (who is a vet) commented about how well he moved for his age and this was one of the reasons she had picked him as the Best in Show winner.  It was great to hear this, but I doubt she would have said it three weeks ago as he was so stiff in his back legs. Henry has progressed so well and I really think it is due to the Joint Care+ sticks he is enjoying daily.  So  I guess we have Pedigree Joint Care+ to thank for his big win!

This week Pedigree have challenged us to see if Henry can 'play again' now that his mobility has improved.  He's never been a dog that has played alot as he had obviously never played with his previous owners before we rescued him, but he used to enjoy chasing tennis balls around the park.  Over the last few months though he has shown little interest in toys, and rarely played with them, but over the last week or so he has started playing with them again.

On our visit to the park today we took along a tennis ball and the ball thrower Pedigree kindly sent us (they also sent us some rubber balls to go with it, but Henry doesn't like hard toys so he gave them to Bandit and Skipper).  We were really surprised and happy to see Henry running around after his ball, and really enjoying himself.  We haven't seen him this active for a long time, it was wonderful to see him back to his old self.  I tried to take a video of him at the park, it's come out a bit blurry, but you can just about see how well he's moving!

Some photos from the park today.

Henry has also started to enjoy playing with his favourite duck toy again!  Thanks Pedigree for helping Henry to 'play again'!

As you can probably tell from the photos and videos, Henry is overweight, which is very hard to deal with as he has to have regular steroid injections for severe allergies that affect his ears and skin.  It's been even harder to cope with recently as he's not been able to exercise much.  This is now changing as he's started asking to go for longer walks, and not wanting to turn around to go home.  His enthusiasm and attitude have noticeably improved since he started the Joint Care+ challenge.  Another plus point is that Henry had lost half a kilo when he had his latest vet check this week, thanks to his increased levels of exercise!

We are so impressed with the progress Henry has made so far, we look forward to next weeks challenge from Pedigree.

Where’s Wallace? Well groomed Gromit desperately seeks a new home

Cheese-loving Gromit is desperately seeking someone special to spend the rest of his life with. And as much as he has had a brie-ze of a time at the rehoming centre run by animal charity Blue Cross in Burford, it’s now beginning to grate on him.

Staff were so impressed with his good nature and behaviour that Gromit has already made a media appearance and he will be on video and in photographs for a magazine feature in the autumn. The 14-month-old staffie has been a natural media star and his intelligence meant he was handpicked for his reliability.

Hannah Wiltshire, rehoming supervisor at the small animals unit at Burford, said: “Everyone knows Gromit in the films loves cheese. When our Gromit the staffie arrived he was feeling a bit sorry for himself but in a short space of time, with some medical treatment and the odd treat, he perked up nicely. Gromit has been amazingly quick to pick up new skills in training. He has been here for nearly two months and as much as we love Gromit, "when you Gouda go, you Gouda go.”

Jenny Woolliams, animal behaviourist at Blue Cross who was his handler during the recent filming session, said: “Gromit is such a lovely boy. He has been a pleasure to train as he is great around other dogs and fantastic with people. Surely someone can give Gromit a big slice of their life and invite him to join their family?”

Gromit is looking for a new home with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. He loves long walks and feta-ching his ball. He could live with a suitably matched dog but not a cat or other small animals due to his playful nature. He could live with children who are confident around a lively, bouncy young boy like Gromit, subject to introductions at the centre.

As Wallace would say: “E-dam by gum. Can you help this handsome one?”

To contact the centre call 0300 777 1570

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Joint Care+ Challenge - Week 2

Last week I told you about Henry taking part in Pedigree's Joint Care+ Challenge, to see if the tasty treats could help with his mobility and joint stiffness, so we thought we'd update you all with his progress.  He's only been having the treats for just over a week so we weren't expecting to notice any improvement yet, to be honest we were pretty sceptical about them helping at all - but we were wrong!

Before the trial Henry was really slow and ploddy, and couldn't get up stairs or steps very easily.  He could only manage short walks and didn't enjoy his outings as much as he used to.  This week Henry has been on a trip to the local woods, something he's not been able to enjoy for a while.  He was noticeably faster, trotting instead of plodding and explored areas off of the path which he had stopped doing.  While he's not exactly a speedy puppy again, there has been a definite improvement -  amazing for such a short time frame!  Henry has also started playing more with his toys again and seems happier in himself. Of course I can't say for sure that this is due to Pedigree Joint Care+, but it does seem like a big coincidence.

This is Henry exploring the woods with Billy on Saturday.

Over the years Henry has learnt a few tricks, but he's been unable to do many of them recently because he was no longer as agile.  We tried an experiment yesterday and asked him to do a 'High 5' in return for a Joint Care+ stick (sensibly he will refuse to do anything if he feels unable or is too stiff) and he did it with ease! So today we decided to video him showing you just what he will do for his daily Joint Care+ stick, and that there is plenty of life left in the old dog yet!!

If Henry has improved this much already we can't wait to see what will happen next week! Check back next week to find out...

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Henry's Pedigree Joint Care+ Challenge

Henry has been lucky enough to be chosen as one of the participants of Pedigree's Joint Care+ Challenge, to see if these treats can help increase his mobility.

Henry is now approximately 9 years old and over the last few months he has aged alot.  As most of you know Henry is more than a pet to me - he is my best friend, my hero and my lifeline all rolled into one. Henry has saved my life in the past and on a day to day basis he looks after me in numerous ways, including alerting me to low diabetic blood sugar levels and calming me down during panic attacks.  I hate going out anywhere without him as he gives me confidence, so Henry's decreased mobility is affecting both of us.

I hate seeing Henry upset, or in pain - it stabs right through my heart.  When he is struggling on walks or can't play and explore like he used to, the whole family gets upset.  So we are keen to try anything that may help him, and can't wait to see if Pedigree Joint Care+ can help him.

Pedigree sent Henry 6 weeks supply of the tasty sticks, along with lots of other fabulous goodies.

So you can all see how Henry progresses through the trial, here is a short video showing Henry's stiff joints.  Hopefully as Henry becomes more mobile we will be sharing more videos of him being alot more active.

Monday, 23 July 2012

The old boy still has the winning touch!

These days Henry may be looking old and grey, but he can still charm a judge! Yesterday he went to his first dog show in a long time and came away with three rosettes, including a 1st in Best Veteran.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Say 'hello' to Billy!

We'd like to introduce you all to Billy, the new member of our family!

He was known as 'Gilly', but we thought 'Billy' suited him better so we decided to change his name.  We adopted him from the same rescue centre as we got Henry from.  He is approximately 7 or 8 months old and was no longer wanted by his previous family.  He had been left in his crate for most of his life, and had never been on a lead.  Amazingly though, he is a confident little chap, nothing seems to faze him.  We are working hard on his training and taking him to weekly classes.

Billy has settled in well and loves Henry to bits.  I am sure I will be sharing lots of photos with you over the coming weeks and months.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Gunning for a new home

A footie-mad dog called Gunner is hoping to score a new home with a family of Arsenal fans, after being relegated from a Premier League prized pet to a homeless underdog. 

Gunner is a three to five year old Rottweiler at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Brands Hatch who loves playing with his football, and has skills to rival Robin van Persie. While he hasn’t quite mastered the volley, he’s already showing high promise with a nifty ‘sit’ and ‘paw’, and is a pro dribbler.

Gunner moved into Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s Kent-based site in January, after his owner was unable to keep him. Any family who are a man down and are looking to boost their team would be lucky to have Gunner, as he’s a friendly and social boy, who loves being around new people. 

Battersea Brands Hatch’s Rehoming & Welfare Assistant Tanya Madden explains: “Gunner would love to live with a family of football fans, especially if he could chill out with them and watch the big games on TV. As he’s a Gunner we can imagine him suiting Arsenal fans, but he’s a bit of a fair weather fan and would happily switch his allegiance to another team. He can live with teenage children, so I’m sure he’d enjoy going along to watch them have a kick-about or cheer on the local team on a Saturday.”

Gunner is now living the top-flight lifestyle in a foster home to give him a break from kennels, and enjoys long walks, tasty meals and a constant supply of cuddles.

Tanya adds: “Gunner does have a bit of a worried side to him but he is a real champion and he’s very popular here at Battersea. Gunner isn’t fussed by scoring a wonder goal or perfecting his tiki-taka, he just wants to find a new home.”

If you can give Gunner a place in your team, please contact Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Brands Hatch on 01474 875106 or email

Antos Chicken D'Light dog treats - Review

Last year Henry was lucky enough to try the Antos Cerea range of dog chews, which he loved.  You can see his review here.  Now it's Skipper and Bandit's turn to try some tasty Antos snacks.  They had the lovely job of tasting some of the Antos Chicken D'Light snacks.

The Chicken D'Light treats are made from 100% chicken breast (apart from the Duck Chicken D'Light which is made from 100% Duck breast). These snacks are 100% natural, a good source of protein and are low in fat. There are no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives and each 100g pack is re-sealable, ensuring the meat is kept fresh. 

They come in five different varieties - Fillet, Steak, Duck, Sticks and Steak &  Cheese.  Skipper and Bandit got to try the Chicken Fillet and the Duck varieties.  The fillet packet contained large dried chicken fillets, whilst the duck packet had smaller strips.

These must smell really tasty as they dogs were very keen to find out what was in the packets!  They tried the duck variety first which were long strips and were gobbled up quickly, especially by Bandit!  They made a great quick treat to reward good behaviour.  They are low in fat as well so they are ideal for dogs who are watching their weight.

Next we tried the chicken fillets, which were larger than the duck variety.  Bandit, being the greedy one of the two, tucked into his straight away and really enjoyed it.  Skipper can be very fussy so when he initially just sniffed and licked the chicken fillet I thought he wasn't going to like it.  But he was soon taking the treat under a chair (so Bandit couldn't steal it!) and tucking in.  He must have enjoyed it too as he kept trying to pinch more out of the packet!

My overall impression was that these were good quality treats that the dogs really enjoyed.  Skipper and Bandit are used to having biscuits and chews so it was nice to give them a different type of treat, and it was even better that they were natural and so good for them.

You will find Antos' range of dog snacks in many pet shops and garden centres.  They are also available from many online stores, a list of which can be found at

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

M & C Nurish-UM Paste for Dogs - Review

Fussy eaters can be difficult to deal with - whether it's children or dogs! Making sure they get all the essential nutrients they need can be a never ending battle.

Our fussy eater is Skipper, a one year old lurcher, (definitely not Henry - we have trouble getting him NOT to eat!). You think you've found him something he likes to eat then he'll suddenly go off of it for a few days. He's a very active dog, he just doesn't stay still for a second, so when he doesn't eat for a day or two he loses a bit of weight. Just when we get him back up to his ideal weight, he stops eating for one reason or another - after he recovered from his neutering operation or when he had a bug for example, or just because he doesn't like his food any more.

During these periods we struggle to get any decent food down him, and we worry that he's not getting all the vitamins and minerals he needs, but now we've found something that could help with this and help him to gain weight. Mark and Chappel Nurish-UM is a high calorie nutritional supplement containing essential vitamins and minerals

Fortified with Vitamins A, D, E and B vitamins
Contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Biotin, Taurine and Iron chelates

These nutrients work together as an aid in maintaining your pets overall health. This is especially important if your pet is not eating sufficient amounts of food for nutritional support.

Nurish UM is a paste which your dog can eat daily, either by licking it off the end of the tube, from a spoon or hidden in food. Being so fussy I was very sceptical about Skipper eating the paste, but he loves it! He licks it straight off the tube and he gets so excited when I get the packet out, so it must be very tasty indeed.

It's helping maintain his weight, and more importantly it is ensuring he is getting all the essential nutrients he needs. It is definitely no hardship for Skipper, he doesn't see it as having 'medicine' all he knows he's getting a really tasty treat.

I'd definitely recommend Nurish-UM. It's ideal for use when your dog is recovering from an illness, surgery or when you're trying to help your pet gain weight. The paste is high in energy to encourage quick recovery and contains only natural flavourings whilst being rich in omega 3, omega 6 and biotin to help the digestive system and metabolism. For more information please visit

Monday, 20 February 2012

And the winner is..........

Thank you to everyone who entered our Crufts ticket competition. The results are in and the lucky winner is.......

Emma Armitage!

Well done Emma, I will contact you now to arrange delivery.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Helping the UK's Labradors

Carolyne Poulton from Lyth has helped thousands of Labrador Retrievers, now the breed rescue club she works for has been invited to Crufts, to tell people all about its valuable work.

The Labrador Retriever is the UK’s most popular breed of dog, with around 40,000 Labrador puppies registered with the Kennel Club each year. Unfortunately, not every new owner will be able to cope with the commitment needed to own a Labrador Retriever and will seek help to find them a better home - last year Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland saw more than 600 dogs needing its help.

Carolyne has been volunteering with Labrador Breed Rescue clubs for 15 years. For the past seven years she has assisted Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland, and for the eight years previously with Caithness and Sutherland Labrador Retriever Rescue.

Carolyne’s passion for the breed all comes down to a dog called D’arcy. She explains: “I never had dogs growing up and I never really thought about them, but my husband loves Labrador Retrievers and often said, the only thing he wanted was a Labrador Retriever.

“Eventually we ended up getting Labradors, but it was not until D’arcy came along that I truly fell in love with the breed. She had such a wonderful nature she really made me want to give something back to the breed of dog that had given me so much.”

Since she started helping Labradors in need fifteen years ago, Carolyne hasn’t looked back. She helps dogs and owners, and helps people who are finding it difficult to look after their dog but only give them up reluctantly, by keeping in touch with the new owners, making sure her rescue dogs are properly cared for, for the rest of the dog’s life.

Carolyne continued: “The majority of dogs I see coming to me have not been badly treated but their owners have been unable to care for them properly. I do see many Labradors that have come from homes where the new owner underestimated the commitment of getting a dog.

“Often the dogs have not been properly trained or exercised and with the right owner, training and lifestyle they make amazing family pets. Other times I get dogs where the owners are no longer able to look after them - sometimes the owner has passed away or become ill, sometimes circumstances have changed. One man lost his job and was sleeping in a tent with his dog - he reluctantly gave his dog up to be rehomed but to this day he still calls to make sure she is doing ok with her new family.”

Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland will be on the Kennel Club Breed Rescue stand at Crufts this year with some of their rescue dogs. The charity will be meeting visitors to talk about the benefits of finding a pedigree dog from breed rescue and about the invaluable work of the charity.

Crufts takes place from 8th-11th March and different dog breeds will be joining the Kennel Club Breed Rescue stand each day. Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland will be on the stand on Friday March 9th along with the Cocker & English Springer Spaniel Rescue, German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue and Midland Golden Retriever Club Rescue.

For more information or tickets to Crufts visit

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Peter Andre adopts homeless hound

Singer and reality TV star Peter Andre has a new love in his life after a visit to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home on Saturday.

The media star gave a second chance to a five month old Pug named Charlie after it arrived at the world famous animal charity because its owners were moving abroad.

The prolific Tweeter posted a photo of his new pooch on Twitter on Saturday to over a million and a half followers saying: “Welcome Charlie Pug :))) we love him. He is a dude.”

Animal lover Andre hosted Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s annual Collars & Coats gala ball last year which helps raise vital funds for the charity. During the event he was introduced to some of the 450 dogs that Battersea looks after at any one time.

Claire Horton, Battersea’s Chief Executive says: “Charlie’s really landed on his paws in his new home. Having Peter’s support means so much and we are thrilled he’s able to offer such a fantastic home to a Battersea dog. I know Charlie will have lots of fun with his new family, and we may even see him making an appearance on Peter’s ITV2 show!”

Last year Battersea Dogs & Cats Home cared for over 8,000 lost and unwanted dogs and cats. Battersea rehomes all over the UK. If you can offer a new start to a deserving dog or cat please contact Battersea on 020 7622 3626 or visit

Wetnose Christmas Pet Photo Competition Winners 2011

Recently I posted information about a pet photo competition run by Wetnose Animal Aid, and I thought you might like to see the winning photos.

"Wetnose Animal Aid is pleased and delighted to have chosen our 2 winners from some amazing and funny Christmas Pet Photos from our 2011 Pet Photo Competition. We received hundreds of photo’s of pets over the Christmas period, and there were many ‘awwwhs’ heard from the Wetnose Headquarters. In the end we decided these 2 lovely pictures were our favourites.

We at Wetnose would like to say a BIG thank you and well done to everyone for your entries. Rosettes and hampers are on their way to the 2 lucky winners!"
Emma Armitage – Holly & Bella doing their Nativity play (Winner)

Mary Wilde – Lilly (Angle Picture) Runner up.