Friday, 6 January 2012

Thelma and Louise’s rocky road leads them home for Christmas

Mongrel Thelma and Jack Russell Terrier Louise, who are thought to be around six-years-old, were brought into Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in November. A member of the public saw them being thrown from a moving truck onto the side of the road in Oxford and took them to a nearby boarding kennels who then took them to Battersea. 

The clinic team at Battersea nursed the two bewildered dogs back to health by removing the hernias and giving them lots of fuss and attention before they were rehomed just before Christmas (19 December). The dogs share such a close bond that Battersea staff were keen for them to find a new home together. The pair, who have been renamed Tilly and Milly, have spent Christmas soaking up all the attention that they deserve with new owners Di and Andy Tamlyn and in their twilight years will be enjoying walks in Pound Wood nature reserve and curling up in front of the fire in their new home. 

Di said: “We looked on the Battersea website and thought that Thelma and Louise were adorable. We didn’t plan to get two dogs, but we saw them and knew they were right for us. We’ve both had dogs as children, but for the past 17 years we’ve had two cats, but sadly they had to both be put to sleep recently. We can’t have a home without a little furry heartbeat, so we are really pleased to have found Thelma and Louise.

“Everyone knows Battersea and it seems like the best place to get a new pet. I think there are dogs out there for everyone, and people shouldn’t always just focus on the puppies, as the older dogs have also had tough lives, and need a loving home too.”

Battersea staff were looking for a special home for Thelma and Louise where they would be able to recover from their ordeal. Philip Heron, one of Battersea’s Operations Managers, said: “These two gorgeous dogs have been through so much in the last few weeks but despite this they enjoy the company of people and just want to be showered in affection. We’re so happy that they made a full recovery and that they got to spend Christmas at home with their new family, where they belong."

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