Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Henry's Pedigree Joint Care+ Challenge

Henry has been lucky enough to be chosen as one of the participants of Pedigree's Joint Care+ Challenge, to see if these treats can help increase his mobility.

Henry is now approximately 9 years old and over the last few months he has aged alot.  As most of you know Henry is more than a pet to me - he is my best friend, my hero and my lifeline all rolled into one. Henry has saved my life in the past and on a day to day basis he looks after me in numerous ways, including alerting me to low diabetic blood sugar levels and calming me down during panic attacks.  I hate going out anywhere without him as he gives me confidence, so Henry's decreased mobility is affecting both of us.

I hate seeing Henry upset, or in pain - it stabs right through my heart.  When he is struggling on walks or can't play and explore like he used to, the whole family gets upset.  So we are keen to try anything that may help him, and can't wait to see if Pedigree Joint Care+ can help him.

Pedigree sent Henry 6 weeks supply of the tasty sticks, along with lots of other fabulous goodies.

So you can all see how Henry progresses through the trial, here is a short video showing Henry's stiff joints.  Hopefully as Henry becomes more mobile we will be sharing more videos of him being alot more active.

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