Thursday, 23 August 2012

Henry's Joint Care + Challenge Results

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will probably know that Henry has been taking part in a six week trial of Pedigree Joint Care + treats.  To be honest I was very sceptical that 'treats' could help any dog, but the improvement in Henry's mobility has been amazing!

Before he started the trial he had become very stiff on his back legs, struggled walking up stairs and steps, found it difficult to get on his favourite chair and didn't seem to enjoy his walks any more.  This didn't just affect Henry, it affected me as well.  I have several health problems, including social anxiety, and before we adopted Henry I was afraid to go out on my own in case I had a blackout, diabetic hypo or a panic attack.  But soon Henry taught himself to recognise when my blood sugar levels dropped, raise the alarm if I had a blackout and calm me down if I had a panic attack.  This gave me confidence to go out with Henry by my side, and in turn gave me independence and freedom.  This freedom had started to slip away as Henry could no longer accompany me on long walks next to my mobility scooter.

But I am so happy to say that Henry is now enjoying his 'scoots' with me around the village and along the coastal footpath.  They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so lets look at Henry's improvement:

Henry is so much more mobile and as a result so much happier.  He is obviously in less pain and really enjoys playing again.  Because Henry is happier, I am also happier.  I have my Henry back to his best, and my independence back as well.

One unexpected side effect of the trial has been that Henry is much mellower with bouncy dogs.  He was beginning to get irritated by young, bouncy dogs like Skipper but is now much more tolerant of them.  This is obviously because he is no longer in pain so is no longer a grumpy old man!

I am so impressed with the Pedigree Joint Care + treats, and the improvement Henry has made with them.  Before the trial I would never have thought of giving him this type of treat, and was going to buy him some joint tablets from the pet shop.  Henry doesn't take tablets very easily though, and it is stressful giving them to him.  It is so much easier giving him a tasty treat that he enjoys.  He gets so excited when he sees the Joint Care + packet!

We have now bought him some more Pedigree Joint Care + , so fingers crossed he will continue to be happy and healthy. They are great value and I would recommend them to everyone.  Thank you Pedigree for giving me back the 'old' Henry!

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