Monday, 22 October 2012

Please help little Ella

I have been asked to share this by Wetnose Animal Aid.

This is Ella, a lovely Parsons type terrier saved from being put to sleep in a pound by Doris Banham Dog Rescue. We think she may have been used as a bait dog by badger hunters and this is how she lost her nose. She does struggle with her breathing at times, so now the days are getting damp and cold it has been decided that kennels aren't the best place for her and she has gone into a foster home. She has only been in foster a few days, but there has been a real change in her, she possibly has one of the most endearing personalities seen in a dog. What she lacks in looks she makes up for big time in her love of people! 

She has seen the Vet about her breathing problems and they seem to think they can help. It will mean x-rays, ultrasound and a big operation, but as she is only around 2 years old we feel we have to do what is needed to improve her quality of life. All this is going to cost £1000+, and as you can imagine a small charity than relies on public donations will find this sort of money very hard to come by. If 1000 people donate £1 each we can give Ella the life she deserves! 

Wetnose has raised £740 so far but still need a few more pennies for the Doris Banham Rescue and for little Ella please pass on

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