Friday, 23 November 2012

Win £750 in Sudocrem Mousse's Virtual Balloon Race!

A WORLD FIRST and Sudocrem Mousse’s latest Facebook competition, the Virtual Balloon Race has now officially launched and is offering one lucky winner the chance to get their hands on £750 in cash, just in time for Christmas too!
Select your balloon and enter the Virtual Balloon Race by visiting the SudocremMousse Facebook page clicking the 'Balloon Race' app (only accessible via a web browser), then follow the simple instructions to release your balloon to the millions of potential sharers on Facebook. The aim of the game is to get as many ‘balloon shares’ as possible -the most ‘balloon shares’ wins the prize!
Sudocrem Mousse’s Virtual Balloon Race completes on 21st December 2012. It’s completely free and easy to play with a fantastic prize awaiting our winner!

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Pooch Pack - Review

Sometimes you come across a product or idea that really excites and impresses you - and Pooch Pack is definitely one of those.  Pooch Pack is a monthly subscription plan where you dog receives a box of goodies every month, and Henry was lucky enough to try one out this month.  He was a very good boy though and shared it with Jessie!

As soon as the box arrived Henry and Jessie were sniffing it and getting very excited, so we knew there would be something in there they liked.  When we opened it, we were very impressed with the presentation and the variety of the contents. Also included was a handy leaflet which told you all about each item and where you can purchase more.

What was included -

Doggie Patisserie Treats. These are delicious handmade bone-shaped biscuits, which are made with human grade ingredients including irresistible peanut butter.  These definitely were irresistible to Jessie - she loved them!  They can easily be broken into smaller pieces, so make ideal training treats, or they can be given whole as a special snack.

Pooch and Mutt Bionic Biotic.  This is probiotic health supplement which helps improve your dog's skin, coat and digestion.  Unfortunately this was the only item that Jessie and Henry weren't keen on - we've tried it (and other similar supplements) before and they won't eat it.  My brother's lurcher eats it sprinkled on his food with no problem though, and when he tried it before his skin and coat really improved.

Scruffy Chops 'Rhubarking Mad' shampoo.  This doggy shampoo smells absolutely gorgeous.  We bathed Jessie in it, and it left her coat feeling much softer than normal (her coat isn't in great condition as she was very malnourished and neglected before she was rescued in the summer). 

Soopa Pets Papaya and Sweet Potato treats. These were a big hit with all the dogs, but especially with Henry - he absolutely loves them!  They are 100% natural, chewy, juicy treats with no additives or preservatives.  It is difficult to find different treats for Henry as he has several allergies (he has colitis) so these are absolutely perfect for him.  An added bonus is that they are healthy and low fat - so are good for his waist-line.  We had never heard of these types of dog treat before, so having them in the Pooch Pack was brilliant, and we've now gone on to purchase some more for Henry.

Dublin Dog Roxxter. This a fantastic dog that Jessie absolutely loves, and unlike many toys it is still intact after a few weeks of regular play.  She is a large dog (Great Dane cross Mastiff!) and is a big chewer, so any toy that can survive Jessie is tough!  The Roxxter is made of made of vanilla scented recycleable rubber, and has a treat chamber which you can fill for extra fun for your dog.  Jessie loves to play with it as it is, so we haven't tried it with treats yet.

Doggee poo bag holder.  A great little gadget, which holds several poo bags and clips to your bag, keys or lead so you've always got bags to hand.  This is now on my handbag, and has proved very useful on occasions I've forgotten to put extra bags in my pocket.

Overall I am very impressed with the quality and range of items included in the Pooch Pack - in fact I was so impressed that I've subscribed so that Henry and Jessie will receive a box of goodies to share each month!  Subscriptions start at just £16.95 and you can subscribe at I think this is great value, but the thing I love best about this idea is that you discover new products and brands that you may not have known about otherwise.  The Pooch Pack would make a great gift too, and you can gift one to your favourite pooch on their website.  The Pooch Pack is fantastic and I thoroughly recommend trying one!