Friday, 23 May 2014

Advice from Battersea for keeping dogs cool this Bank Holiday weekend

If we are lucky enough to get some sun this Bank Holiday weekend we need to ensure that our dogs don't suffer in the heat.  Battersea Dogs and Cats Home have shared some tips to help keep our four legged friends looking and feeling cool.

Jessie enjoying her first taste of ice-cream last summer

- Avoid walking your dog between 11am and 3pm as these are the hottest times of the day. Keep walks short and do indoor activities if your dog wants to play.
- Never leave your pet in the car, as vehicles heat up incredibly quickly, even if they are left in the shade with a window open. Conservatories can also heat up very rapidly so your pet should not be left unattended.
- Ensure there is always plenty of fresh water easily available and take a doggy water bottle on walks.
- Ensure your pet always has plenty of shaded areas if you are in the garden or on a picnic.
- Your dog will love an outdoor paddling pool - just avoid inflatable ones that could be punctured.
- Try to avoid walking your dog on hot surfaces, as they can hurt their paw pads. Regularly check your dogs’ pads to ensure they are not in discomfort.
- White cats and those with white ears have a higher chance of burning and developing skin cancer, so ask your vet about an appropriate sun block to apply on their ears and bald areas.
- Make ice lollies for dogs by mixing their food with some water and freezing it in a plastic cup. Remove it from the cup before giving it to your dog.
-  Beware of BBQs. Don’t give pets meat with cooked bones in, even if they are leftovers, and ensure the BBQ is never left unattended when hot.

- Keep dog and cats’ coats in good condition which will help them stay cool, and have them trimmed if needed.

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