Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Preparing for Terry's arrival!

After what has seemed like a long wait, we will finally be collecting our new addition to the family on Sunday - Terry the tortoise! Terry is a Hermann's Tortoise, is just under a year old and is from a reputable UK breeder. Ever since I was a child I've wanted a tortoise, probably because I heard so much about the tortoise my father had when he was growing up.

Terry's indoor enclosure is now ready for him, I just need to add his food and water on Sunday. A model tortoise is currently in Terry's place, but he is much bigger than the real thing will be - Terry will only be about 2 inches long. My next job is to finish off his outdoor enclosure ready for when (or if!) we have some nice sunny weather.  Then I've just got to wait for the little chap to arrive!

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