Monday, 30 May 2016

Introducing Elgin

Hello everyone!

We're back! We've been gone a while as I've been dealing with a serious decline in my health. I'm now mostly wheelchair bound and rely heavily on my family and carers. A few months ago a very special dog came into my life, and he's made a huge difference to my independence.

Elgin is a Canine Partners assistance dog, and he's a two year old Labrador. Elgin helps me with so many things including helping me dress and undress, fetching the phone, opening and closing doors, picking up items and much, much more.  He's a fantastic dog and I'm extremely grateful to Canine Partners for bringing him into my life.

Elgin picks items off the shop shelf for me that I find hard to reach.

He can even load and unload the washing machine!

Elgin gets on brilliantly with Henry and Jessie. He's a much loved member of our family.

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