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Keep your dog feeling cool this summer

Summer is finally here! Yay! Not all dogs appreciate the hotter weather though, so it's important to keep your best friend feeling cool, happy and healthy this summer. I've found a few products that will help your dog keep their cool when the sun is out.


- Make sure there is plenty of fresh water available 

This one is important all year round, not just in the summer. This bowl looks really stylish and practical too - big enough to hold plenty of water, and it has a non slip rubber rim so that it won't easily get knocked over. It has my favourite breeds on it too - Labradors, beagles and spaniels!

Product name: Sophie Allport Woof! Dog Bowl

Photo credit: Sophie Allport

Description: Feed your dogs in style with this lovely Woof! Dog Food Bowl. A perfect gift for any dog owner or for your own cherished pet. It features Fox Red Labradors (like Sophie's pictured!), Spaniels, Daschunds, Jack Russells and Dalmations.

Made from galvanized steel, the bowl's top diameter is 17cm and the bottom diameter is 23.5cm. The height is 5.5cm and it has a capacity of 0.5 litres. There is a practical non-slip rubber rim around the base to ensure it doesn't tip over or slip around while your dog is eating.

Available from or on 01778 560 256
View product on company website:
Price: £14.00
Company: Sophie Allport
Telephone number: 01778 560256
Stockist information:

- Ensure you dog has a cool place to sleep 

On days when the sun is blazing, or the humidity is high it’s hard to stay cool when you’re wearing a fur coat. Committed to the ultimate in canine comfort is award-winning luxury dog bed company CHARLEY CHAU, who offer a gorgeous range of stylish but practical rattan and pretty cotton dog beds to keep your dog cool and chic through the summer. 

Ready to deal with summer stuffiness are the brand’s Raised Rattan Dog Beds. Rattan is a beautiful natural cane and Charley Chau’s Rattan Dog Beds are hand-woven with love to create a breathable and comfortable sleeping environment for your dog. Plus rattan is a strong and durable natural cane and so practical that you can even hose down a Charley Chau Rattan Dog Bed in the garden. Charley Chau’s rattan and wicker dog beds are also a chic addition for most styles of interiors.

Photo credit: Charley Chau

Product name: Charley Chau Raised Oval Rattan Dog Bed
Description: A stunning raised oval rattan dog bed by award-winning British dog bedding designers, Charley Chau - smooth curves, clean lines - quietly beautiful.

This beautiful luxury dog bed is woven with natural rattan core (the solid core of rattan canes after the outer peel has been stripped) and woven onto a frame with a "double-wall" construction to create this gorgeous smooth oval shape with gentle, flowing curves.

The deep-filled luxury mattress is super-comfy and finished with a soft and fluid upholstery fabric in two gorgeous neutrals - Coffee and Stone.

A gorgeous addition to any home.

Sizes & Dimensions

Medium approx. 82x62x34cm
Large approx. 102x74x34cm

Priced from £310.
Price: £310.00
Company: Charley Chau
Telephone number: 0161 848 8702

Cool off with a dip in the sea

As you can see, my assistance dog Elgin loves to cool off by splashing about in the sea. But when it's time to travel home you don't always want to have a soggy doggy in your car. These fabulous drying coats from Ruff and Tumble are ideal to dry off your water mad dog.

Product name: Classic Dog Drying Coats
Description: Ruff And Tumble Drying Coats are made from high-quality, double thickness, cotton towelling. Modelled on the design of a horse blanket, the coats are very simple to put on and take off. Perfect for after wet walks, bathtimes, hydrotherapy, working etc..

No more wet/muddy shake off, no more back breaking drying of soggy dogs and no more old towels!

Ruff and Tumble Classic Collection: Our original and world famous double thickness cotton towelling drying coats. Available in Brick Red, Bottle Green, Sandringham Blue and Heather. Limited edition colours are also occasionally available.
View product on company website:
Price: £38.00
Company: Ruff And Tumble
Telephone number: 03332079960


And finally give them a tasty cool treat after their busy day swimming in the sea.

Elgin and Cherry both have a sweet tooth and love ice cream, but dairy is not good for dogs so Billy and Margot have invented these fabulous frozen treats for dogs. 

Billy and Margot explain about their iced treats -
We originally wanted to call our iced treats – ice cream – because that’s what people think when they see a frozen tub. However, we couldn’t use the word ‘ice cream’ because our products didn’t contain any dairy.

‘Ice cream is defined as a frozen food made from a mixture of dairy products, containing at least 10% milkfat.’

So, instead we named them ‘Nutritious Iced treats’ because they contain some nutritious ingredients. It was also important to only include ingredients that were edible to us humans so if anyone made the mistake of grabbing the wrong tub in their freezer they would have no nasty surprise. In fact many people have tried them (including us of course) and we can tell you that they taste delicious.
All our iced treats are 100% vegetarian.  They all contain fruit, Aloe Vera and flaxseed oil as well as other vegetarian ingredients. You can read more about the ingredients in our product description and Q&A section.
I have been asked many times why I didn’t use meat based ingredients.  Dogs, contrary to popular belief, are not solely carnivores. Cats, on the other hand, are known as obligate carnivores, which means they absolutely have to have meat to survive. Dogs are what are known as omnivores, which means that to stay healthy they do require a variety of types of foods in their diet ranging from fruits and vegetables through to meat. Meat does form the basis of the diet and is required to provide protein and other essential nutrients and elements to the metabolic system. Fruits and vegetables are also required to provide vitamins, minerals and of course fibre.
So we considered fruits and vegetables that we know dogs like and are good for them. These included apple, banana, carrot and strawberry. It is important to know that some fruits and vegetables are toxic to dogs and it is wise to check first before giving your dog any fruits or vegetables. This small list is not exhaustive but it includes: Grapes and raisins, avocados, onions, garlic, chive, tomatoes, green and raw potatoes, rhubarb, mushrooms, fruit pits and seeds, tree nuts.
We currently produce three flavours of iced treats:
Price - £2.99

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