Wednesday, 28 June 2017

We're off to Monkey World!

If you're a fan of the TV programs Monkey Business and Monkey Life that are regularly shown on on Pick TV and various Sky TV channels, then you'll already be familiar with the wonderful work of Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre in Dorset. Set up by the late Jim Cronin MBE 30 years ago, Monkey World was originally set up as a sanctuary for chimpanzees rescued from a life as photographers props in Spain. They have gone on to rescue hundreds of primates from a life of cruelty and neglect across the world.

I am absolutely addicted the Monkey Life programs, I adore all of the wonderful characters at Monkey World - both primates and humans! Tomorrow Mum, my assistance dog Elgin and I are visiting Monkey World - I am so excited!

Over the last few days I have collected up a few bits and pieces that hopefully the apes and monkeys will enjoy. There are plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, some live locusts and mealworms - and even custard and Ryvita crispbreads! There are also some rope dog toys (which are tied together to make climbing frames for baby woolly monkeys) and some Bonio dog biscuits which Elgin bought for the monkeys using his pocket money!

If you are visiting Monkey World with your family this summer, please consider donating a little treat for the primates - they will definitely appreciate it. Here is a poster from the Monkey World website showing a few of the things they need. You can see even more here -

If you are unable to visit Monkey World but would still like to donate, they have an Amazon wish list here -

Fingers crossed that I will be well enough to enjoy my visit tomorrow, as I am ridiculously excited! I have been resting all week and have done fairly well dislocation wise over the last few days - I have only dislocated a wrist, an ankle and a knee which is good for me! 

I am taking my large mobility scooter with me as the park is quite hilly so the battery of my powerchair wouldn't cope. Elgin is all groomed and ready for his day out. He is not allowed in the lemur enclosure as the lemurs roam free, which is completely understandable, but he is allowed everywhere else in the park. Monkey World have an extremely good reputation of being very accessible to people with disabilities, so I am really looking forward to our visit. Their staff have been very helpful about arranging for Elgin to accompany me and the animal care staff will all be notified prior to our arrival so that they know a dog will be on site.

Right, I'm off to bed now to get some rest before my busy day tomorrow. I'm sure I will be bombarding you all with photos of monkeys after our day out!

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