Sunday, 30 July 2017

Its National Mutt Day!

National Mutt Day helps raise awareness of the many cross breeds and mixed breeds that find themselves in rescue centres every year. My two current dogs both happen to be pedigrees, a Labrador and a beagle, but this wasn't on purpose - my assistance dog Elgin was matched to me by the charity that trained him, and Cherry our rescue beagle was the only dog suitable for us to foster when Elgin was very depressed and lonely after our cross breed, Jessie, passed away suddenly. 

Me and Jessie, photo taken at Crufts 2014 where Jessie was a Friends for Life finalist.

Jessie was a big, gentle giant who's ancestry was a bit of a mystery! She was a rescue dog and had been badly abused by her previous owner and had many scars from her past - both physical and mental - but she turned into the most loving dog you could ever meet. We think Jessie was part mastiff and part Great Dane, but she probably had other breeds in her too! She weighed 55kg and reached up to my hip level. Jessie was an extremely special dog and even made it to the main ring at Crufts when she was a Friends For Life finalist in 2014. She won many awards for her bravery and for helping me with my mental health issues. I miss her so much.

There are many lovely cross breeds like Jessie who need new homes, here are just a few that have caught my eye.


Breed - cross breed
Age - 3 months 
Location - Flintshire 
Rescue - Many Tears


Breed - cross breed 
Age - 4 years 
Location - Carmarthenshire , Wales
Rescue - Many Tears 


Breed - German Shepherd cross
Age - 4-6 years
Location - Somerset 
Rescue - St Giles Animal Rescue


Breed - mongrel
Age - 7 months 
Location- Battersea, London 
Rescue - Battersea Dogs and Cats Home


Breed - Mongrel
Age - 7
Location- Battersea, London 
Rescue - Battersea Dogs and Cats Home 


Breed - Pug cross Cavalier 
Age - 4-6 years 
Location- Somerset 
Rescue - St Giles Animal Rescue 

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