Monday, 3 July 2017

Review - Beautiful Joe's Ethical Dog Treats

There can't be many companies that give away 50% of their stock to good causes, but that's exactly what Beautiful Joe's Ethical Dog Treats do. For every pack of their treats that is purchased, one is given away to a dog rescue charity. This is such an incredible thing for a company to do, they truly have put the welfare of dogs in need before their own profits.

Before my health rapidly deteriorated five years ago, I spent twelve years as a volunteer, trustee and eventually treasurer of a small dog rescue charity. So I really do know how tight finances can be for rescues, it's a real balancing act to juggle the costs of food, vets, kennelling etc. There really is no money left for high quality treats for the dogs, rescues are often reliant on the kindness of volunteers to donate these little luxuries. Beautiful Joe's are making a real difference by donating these natural , tasty liver treats. They are small and ideal to use as training treats, so they will help staff train the dogs and potentially help them to more easily find their new forever home.

My assistance dog Elgin goes through quite a lot of treats in a week as I use them for rewards when he helps me with a task, or I use them to help train new tasks. These are all worked into his daily food allowance to ensure he stays within his weight target. For simple tasks I use chopped veg or bits of his kibble, but there are times when he deserves a tastier treat for completing a more difficult task. I found that Beautiful Joes's liver treats are absolutely perfect to use as high value rewards. They are completely natural with no nasties in them and going by the dogs' reactions to them they really are 'super tasty' like the packet claims.

Elgin and Cherry both love these treats and get very excited when I get out the Beautiful Joe's treat tin. This tin is very handy, it keeps the treats nice and fresh and it seals in the smell of liver. The liver treats really do motivate Elgin, he will do anything for them! I taught Elgin a new task last week, where he pulls my empty wheelchair over to me using an attached dog toy, this as proved very handy as when I'm in bed the other dogs often accidentally push the chair out of my reach. I used Beautiful Joe's treats as a 'jackpot' reward when he did the task exceptionally well in training - and he learnt the task in record time!

Elgin the Labrador and Cherry the rescue beagle definitely gave these treats their seal of approval, but I thought I'd give them a harder challenge - the Skipper Test! Skipper is one of my brothers rescued lurchers, and he is far and away one of the fussiest dogs that I've ever met! So if he likes a treat you know that they are extra tasty! As soon as we opened the tin Skipper was instantly interested in it, so they must have an appealing smell - well to dogs anyway! We offered him a treat and it was instantly devoured, no messing about with it like he sometimes does. In fact the treats disappeared so quickly I couldn't get a photo or video of Skipper eating them. Result!

Price wise these treats are at the premium end of the market. A 50g individual bag of treats is £4 and a tin is £2.50. However the best value way of purchasing these treats is to set up a monthly standing order where you get six packets of treats and a tin for £16. This is a bit more than I'd usually pay for treats, but when I compared the quality of the treats to other similar products I actually think it's very good value for money - especially if you purchase them on a monthly standing order (which you can cancel at any time). Plus don't forget that for every pack you buy you are also donating a pack of treats to a rescue charity. This for me is what makes Beautiful Joe's unique and makes them a winner in my eyes - not only is your dog getting some healthy, natural, tasty treats but so is a less fortunate dog who is having a tough time in rescue.

I am planning on setting up a monthly order of the treats for Elgin and Cherry, as I am very impressed with both the quality of the product and the ethics of the company itself. Beautiful Joe's Ethical Dog Treats definitely receive five out of five stars.

Disclaimer - I received a free gift pack (one pack of treats and a tin) for the purposes of a honest review 

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