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Review - Pet Munchies dog treats

Pet Munchies make a wide range of natural dog treats. They are naturally low in fat and carbohydrates, so they are also very healthy for your dogs. Pet Munchies very kindly sent us three packets of treats for the dogs to try, so here is our review.

Product description 

Pet Munchies are premium, gourmet treats made with quality, human grade real meat and fish. All of their interesting treats are natural hand cuts that preserve the flavours of the finest chicken, duck, liver, venison, lamb and ocean white fish.
They naturally enhance their flavour by slow roasting them in their own natural juices..
Delicious, Nutritious and Wholesome… all made with 100% Natural  human grade meat and fish, Just like nature made them, with natural textures, flavours and exceptional palatability dogs love.
Today's consumers are demanding natural healthy products for their pets. And that's what you'll get with a Pet Munchies - the brand you can trust.
Their products are naturally low in fat & carbohydrates, and are low in salt. They are delicately roasted to perfection to ensure quality and flavour. No artificial colours or flavours are in their products.

Product links

You can see the range of natural meat treats here. They also have a range of salmon skin treatsgourmet stixtraining treats and 100% natural freeze dried treats for cats.


Pet Munchies have a wide range of different dog treats. They vary in size, texture and flavour, but they all have two things in common - they are all 100% natural and they are all extremely tasty! Our dogs tried three varieties of Pet Munchies treats - chicken strips, duck strips and venison strips.

Elgin trying a pet munchies venison stick.

The chicken strips and the duck strips are both 100% chicken/duck, so they are obviously very appealing to dogs - I don't know many dogs who will turn down 100% meat treats! The venison strips were a bit thicker than the other flavour strips, and they looked and smelt very 'meaty' so the dogs were instantly interested in them. They are made from quality venison fused with beef liver, and they are also 100% natural.

As soon as I opened the packets of treats, the dogs were super excited. Both Elgin and Cherry have very expressive faces and you can easily tell if they love the smell and taste of treats - and they definitely loved all three flavours of these treats! Cherry the beagle was literally spinning in circles with excitement after she tasted her first Pet Munchies treat! I had absolutely no chance of getting any photos of Cherry eating the treats as she simply wouldn't stay still. Both Cherry and Elgin ate the treats very quickly, they only lasted a few seconds, but they really enjoyed them.

I then borrowed one of my brother's lurchers, Skipper, so that he could try the Pet Munchies treats. The Skipper Challenge is usually quite a tough one as he's quite a fussy dog, but Pet Munchies passed the test with flying colours. After initially licking the chicken strips he soon discovered that they were very tasty and quickly devoured them. His favourite flavour seemed to be the venison which was Elgin and Cherry's favourite too.

Fussy Skipper loved the meat strips, especially the venison flavour.

The dogs ate most of the treats whole as extra special rewards, but I also broke some of them up to use as training treats. The chicken and duck strips broke up easily, but I had to use a knife to slice the venison ones as they were slightly thicker. The Pet Munchie strips made brilliant high value training treats for Elgin - he was so keen to earn a tasty treat that he learnt a new task very quickly. They also made great rewards for successful recalls when we were in the park, both Elgin and Cherry quickly returned to a call or whistle so that they could have a piece of the venison strips. The treats didn't break up in my treat bag either, so they didn't make a mess of the bag like biscuit based treats often do.

All of the dogs were crazy about Pet Munchies treats - they were very, very popular! The treats were very happy with the taste of the treats, and I was very happy that they were natural and healthy. I'll definitely be buying some more of these in the future and I'll also get some of the other varieties for the dogs to try. Elgin, Cherry and Skipper all highly recommend these treats.

Rating - the venison, duck and chicken strips all receive 5/5 stars 

Disclosure - I received three free packets of treats for the purpose of an unbiased review.

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