Friday, 25 August 2017

It's National Dog Day! #NationalDogDay

I'm Today is apparently National Dog Day, which gives me a perfect excuse to post some dog photos! 

Introducing the teams' dogs - all nine of them! We'll start with the youngest and work up to the oldest.

Breed - chihuahua 
Age - 1 year old 
Owned by - Bev 
Dottie is a very sweet little girl. Both Bev and her husband are disabled and Dottie instinctively knows when they're in pain. Dottie spends hours comforting them when they are poorly. She also loves playing with her toys and has just discovered a love of swimming!

Breed - chihuahua cross Yorkshire terrier 
Age - 2 years old
Owned by Bev 
Rolo is a big character is a small body! He's a fun loving and caring dog - and he also has spectacular ears!

Breed - Labrador 
Age - 3 years old
Owned by - Julie
Elgin is my assistance dog. He's amazingly clever and has given me back some independence. Elgin also saved my life earlier this year by raising the alarm when I was choking and losing consciousness. His favourite things are food, toys, water and mud!

Breed - beagle 
Age - 4 years old
Owned by - Julie and Sue 
Cherry was rescued from a puppy farm in June 2016, where she'd been living in appalling conditions. Cherry was extremely nervous and scared of everything and everyone. She's made huge progress in the last year and now a happy dog. Cherry is very cheeky and naughty but she's also very lovable.

Breed - collie cross Staffordshire bull terrier 
Age - 6 years old
Owned by - Alan and Sarah 
Devon is a rescue dog who has unfortunately been passed from home to home a lot in his life. As you'd expect with the two breeds he's crossed with, Devon is a real live wire. He has a lot of collie traits and is totally tennis ball obsessed!

Breed - lurcher 
Age - 7 years old
Owned by - Alan and Sarah 
Skipper's mum was found straying whilst she was pregnant. Skipper was born at a rescue centre, but all of the pups were very weak. Two sadly didn't make it and Skipper himself was very lucky to survive a serious illness. Skipper is quite a shy dog, but he gives the best cuddles ever!

Breed - Pomeranian 
Age - 8 years old
Owned by - Bev
Scooby (aka Prince Scooby) thinks he's royalty - and who's going to argue with those regal good looks! He's an adorable little dog with a lot of love to give. His best friend is his 13 year old human sister who has always called him her Twinnie as they have so much in common, he misses her when she's at school.

Breed - lurcher 
Age - 12 years old 
Owned by - Alan and Sarah
Bandit was found wandering around Somerset as a stray in 2009. He spent nearly a year in kennels until my brother and my sister in law adopted him. He was a bit of a hooligan at first but he soon settled down to become a great pet. His partner in crime is Elgin, they are best friends and love playing together.

Breed - Scottish deerhound cross
Age - 15 years old 
Owned by - Alan and Sarah 
For the first twelve years of his life, Bo lived happily in a family. When the couple got divorced neither of them were able to keep Bo. The wife wanted Bo to be put to sleep, but thankfully the husband took him to a rescue centre. He's an old man now and is frail at times - but at other times he behaves like a puppy! He's a huge dog and a huge character.

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