Friday, 18 August 2017

Meet Our Pets - Lexi




6 years old 


Leopard Gecko 


Attention and cuddles. Food - meal worms and wax worms are her favourite. She's a bit fussy and doesn't really like crickets, which leopard geckos usually love.



About Lexi

Lexi is a rescue gecko, we adopted her from a reptile rescue centre in 2014. She found herself in the rescue centre because her previous owner got fed up with having her and was no longer able to look after her. She was in poor health when she arrived at the rescue centre, and it took them a few months to nurse her back to peak condition.

Lexi is a very friendly gecko. She loves people and always want to come out for a cuddle. She's very tame and happily climbs up your arm to sit on your shoulder - I'm sure she thinks she's a parrot! She's not fazed at all by the dogs -  she's often sat on her warm rock in her vivarium watching the dogs' antics!

I think Lexi is absolutely beautiful and she is a real pleasure to have as a pet. I'm really glad that the rescue centre allowed me to adopt her as I love her to bits.

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