Sunday, 13 August 2017

Review - Oneisall elephant dog toy

This elephant dog toy is super cute! I loved it as soon as I saw it, but unfortunately neither Cherry or Elgin like rope type toys. Luckily I was able to recruit my friend Bev and two of her dogs to review it for us. Thank you Bev, Dottie and Scooby!

Oneisall elephant dog toy

Product description 

  • Yellow Elephant chew toy measures 9 inches legth, 2.4 inches width.
  • The rope chew toy feature solid knots that helps clean dog's teeth and improve dental health.
  • Purely cotton made,non-toxic dyeing. Environmental cotton material.
  • Helps strengthen relationship between you and your dog, build self esteem and makes obedience training fun.
  • Suitable for cat kitten puppy dog small animal. Note: Large dogs and powerful chewers may destroy the toy easily and ripped pieces may pose a choking hazard to your pet.
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5/5 stars 

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Dottie with the elephant 

This toy was initially intended for Dottie the chihuahua pup, but it ended up being popular with Scooby the Pomeranian as well. This is what Bev had to say about the elephant toy:

"My dogs absolutely love this toy. The puppy loves to chew it and both dogs enjoyed playing tug with it. My Pomeranian, who hardly ever plays with toys, actually sneaked off with it to play and he really enjoyed himself. It was lovely to see him having such fun."

Scooby playing with the toy.

When I asked Bev if she thought the toy was good value for money at £7.99 her reply was "yes, I think it is due to it's play value. They really loved it and I've had to buy another one so that the dogs have one each".

It's tug of war time!

So this little yellow elephant was very popular with Dottie and Scooby! Thank you for your hard work toy testing!

This toy also comes in different colours and shapes - including a tiger, a bear and a dinosaur.

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