Thursday, 3 August 2017

Review - Top Collar treats - Bangers and Mash flavour

Recently we reviewed some Pork Pie flavour dog treats from the treat subscription service Top Collar.  You can read our full review here.

Top Collar have very kindly sent us this fortnight's pack of treats to try - Bangers and Mash flavour! They sound yummy even to me lol!

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£5.99 per box (including postage)

Scroll down further to find out how you can get your first box FREE (just pay £1 for P & P)


Top Collar treats are all gluten free and have natural ingredients. I've taken a photo of the label on the back of the treats, and as you can see there are no hidden nasties. The ingredients for this flavour are gluten free flour, beef liver, potato, free range eggs, milk and butter. They are perfect for dogs with gluten allergies or sensitivities like my old boy Henry used to have, it's great that dogs wilth delicate digestive systems can have tasty treats too.

The biscuits are a nice size and they are perfect treats to use for rewarding good behaviour. I've been using them to reward Elgin when he alerts me that I'm about to have a muscle spasm or seizure - he deserves a special treat for being so clever.

Elgin and Cherry both loved the pork pie flavour treats that they tried last time, and the Bangers and mash variety proved just as popular. They are a firm favourite with Cherry the beagle - I've caught her staring longingly at the packet on the shelf on more than one occasion! My brother's lurcher, Bandit, has also tried the Bangers and Mash biscuits and they were a big hit for him too, they were gobbled up very quickly!

Elgin patiently waiting for his biscuit.

Cherry not so patiently waiting for her biscuits. She is getting better at not snatching though - I have all of my fingers left this time!

Top Collar currently have a wonderful offer where you get your first pack of treats for free, all you have to do is pay £1 for P & P. You do have do sign up for a subscription, but there is no commitment and you can easily cancel after the first box if your dog doesn't like them. Judging by Elgin and Cherry's reactions though I think most dogs will love them!

Here is the link to sign up:

I love the idea behind Top Collar, it is so convenient to receive a pack of treats in the post every fortnight, and the dogs definitely love the taste of the treats too. The variety of flavours are fun and imaginative too - the next box has Full English flavour treats! I'd definitely recommend giving Top Collar treats a try, especially as the first box is free.

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