Thursday, 7 September 2017

Review - DiChi Eyeshadow Makeup Pallette

DiChi Eyeshadow Makeup Palette 

Product Description 

  • 35 fantastic colours will take you through every season,providing you with every colour of eyeshadow you will ever need
  • Matte and Shimmer eye shadows,long lasting,easily blendable eye shadows that can be applied wet or dry for many different looks
  • 35 Colour different highly pigmented pressed powder eye shadows,great for exploring colours and makeup artistry
  • Each shade can be applied alone for a dramatic effect or mixed to create a personalised look
  • Perfect for mixing and creating your own colors,convenient to use, and easy to put on. Suit for different occasions, like casual, party, wedding, etc


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4 stars 


This set comprises of thirty five different colours of eyeshadow. The colours are mainly shades of beige and brown, they're all very natural colours. There are a mixture of matte and shimmer colours, so you can create a wide range of different looks. You can create dramatic, glamorous effects for nights out or subtler looks for days at work etc. I love the colours and will use most of them.

The shadows apply easily to your eyelids and the colours build up well. The colours blend nicely together and look very effective. They also last quite well on my skin. There's only really one slight negative that I have with this set, and that is that the shadows are quite 'dusty '. My set is already starting to look a little messy as the colours are bleeding into the ones next to them.

Overall though I'm very happy with this set. The range of colours is perfect for me and this would also make a great gift. Four stars.

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