Thursday, 14 September 2017

Review - Fetta Moon & Stars Night Light for Babies & Children

Fetta Moon & Stars Night Light for Babies & Young Children 

Product Description 

  • High Brightness LED: Built-in yellow, red, blue, green four LED lights to cool the projector provides better effect, romantic and clear.
  • Intelligent Control: A variety of light colors, lighting effects and rotation control switch, so that the projector is not monotonous.
  • Romantic Projection: looking at the stars,anywhere and anytime to creat a romantic atmosphere . It must be a great gift for children, women or good friends.
  • Two Users: Cover Shade turned the LED into nightlights, sleep at night can be used as a lamp or night light. Bring the soft romantic dark room
  • Dual Power Supply: When in outdoor, AAA battery power supply is must be a great choice, USB charging can be the better choice at home.


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5 stars


This night light projects moving images of moons and stars around the room. The colours constantly change too, it looks great in a dark room. The unit itself is solid and feels well made. It looks nice on a bedside table, even when it is switched off.

It's very easy to operate this night light. The buttons are clearly marked and the instructions are easy to follow.

I think this would be ideal for most babies and toddlers. They will enjoy watching the stars and moons and gently drift off to sleep. Even I found it relaxing to watch!

This night light is great value for money and is a must for your baby's bedroom. Five stars.

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